From Criminalistics & Criminology, trough Cabin Service Director, Medical Personnel Assistant to an Amazon Area Manager

I have been with Amazon for a very short period of time. Got employed as Area Manager at HAM2 in Hamburg, Germany. In my new role, and especially now at the beginning, I meet new colleagues all the time. And one of the questions I get asked a lot is: What’s my background, or what is my prior experience. Leadership was not a new topic to me.

Back in 2004, when I opt to be a student at the first generation of students in the Police Academy in Macedonia 🇲🇰, I participated in a selection process where out of 1080 candidates, I ended up being the 18th on the list thanks to my High School middle grade, the theory examination, the psychological and conditioning testing. We were 120 students in the first generation of Criminology and Criminalistics studies. After 4 years of my bachelor’s studies, I graduated with a middle score of 9,15 out of 10. However, the nepotism and the corruption in Macedonia, kicked me out of the country only 4 months after I had my diploma in my hands.
I was desperately looking for a career that would help me get out from there, earn well, feel valued, work and be professional.
I am forever grateful to Qatar Airways 🇶🇦 for the great chance to be welcomed and become part of their Cabin Crew team. I worked for the Airline for almost 10 years. During my career progress with the Airline, I was promoted 3 times. From cabin Crew in Economy Class to Cabin Crew in First and Business Class, than Cabin Senior and last work position I was promoted was Cabin Service Director or an overall In-charge on the flights and been directly responsive to the higher management of the Airline. The last 5 years I was in a leadership position and have obtained trainings in Basic and Senior Level Leadership Programs, Emotional and Cultural Intelligence, Excellent Customer Service, Safety and First Aid trainings and many more.

Right after my resignation, I moved to Germany 🇩🇪 where I started an intensive course in learning the German language and started my Master’s Studies in Aviation Management 🛫 at the State-Owned University Wildau, near Berlin. I have successfully passed all the exams and I am currently writing my master’s thesis on the topic: Women Managers in Aviation.
At the beginning of my studies, I worked as an assistant in a SnoreLab (Pneumology department) at Helios Kliniken in Schwerin, Germany as a mini jobber. As soon as I passed the last exam of my Master’s Studies, I applied for the Area Manager position at Amazon in Hamburg, Germany 🇩🇪 and was successful in the same.

As stated at the beginning of the text, leadership is not a new topic to me. But certainly, it’s one field I feel myself establishing, learning, and developing.

To me, leadership is not just about influencing others. As a criminologist that unfortunately wasn’t given a chance to detect and prevent crime, I understood that leadership is vital to communication, teamwork, and collaboration. I believe that with updated leadership knowledge and continuous feedback, I can contribute toward pragmatic integrated leadership that will successfully coordinate the efforts of multiple disciplines toward organizational shared goals where we all would feel happy, heard, and satisfied.
The Amazon chapter of my own story has started writing its pages that hopefully, to some, would be motivation, inspiration and maybe an example to follow.
Cause the world is a platform with endless possibilities, opportunities, and choices.
You only need your courage and your will to look for them.
See you in the next blog.
Thanks for reading this one.

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READ, WATCH & pass your Cabin Crew English test!

The content related to the Cabin Crew English test does not belong exclusively to Qatar Airways, Emirates of Etihad! The parameters on which your knowledge has been evaluated are the same. Here is a content that will help you understand what you can expect. Please remember: YOU NEED TO KNOW ENGLISH and you will pass 100%. Not knowing English well is not in you favor. Even if you pass the English Test, at a later stage, you need to be able to learn and pass exams in your Cabin Crew initial training.

READ, WATCH & pass your Cabin Crew English test!

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Cabin Crew Interview question:

The interpersonal transfer of knowledge is necessary for individual and group learning objectives. Learning from other Cabin Crew Candidates depends on your ability to integrate their own, mine and some others’ experiences. In order to do that successfully, you have to abstract from single experiences (that they themselves or others have had) and recognize those features that different situations have in common. This is Candidate’s experience that you will read below, I believe should be read and learned from.

I have opened my Instagram inbox and as usual, it was packed with messages. As I was answering them one by one, I saw her message. Few written lines and more voice messages. I sat down comfortably in my chair, to be able to focus, concentrate and hear all the details. She shared that she did not pass the assessment day and most importantly, SHE KNEW WHY !

She said that at the begging of her assessment day, everything was excellent. Until that moment, when she met the recruiters and the question she pulled out was: If you are buying a phone, which one will you choose, iPhone or Samsung? She was shocked and for the first few seconds she thought that this question is too personal and she should not be asked such inappropriate question. The second idea that came to her mind what that, maybe the recruitment team, wants to know her marketing skills, that’s why they had that question. And here is where she failed. All these sea of questions that you would be asking yourself, are making you confused and you simply can not answer in the right manner.

Here come in place all my talks and recommendations. Do watch my Youtube Video. Read my Instagram posts and read my blog posts over here. DO NOT MISS ANY OF THEM! I can not help you to become a Cabin Crew in 24h before your interview. But, certainly, my content is a way that if you dedicate your time to, can easily grab this job and enjoy the benefits.

The reason why this question exists in the sea of Cabin Crew questions, is not to discover what you prefer the most, nor to see you marketing skills. The closest question behind this question is something called: Using mobility to continue to do your work. How can you use an iPhone or the Samsung to stay connected to people, to your work, to your loved ones? Important aspects to be covered are using it with e-mail, using it to share information or using it as tool for collaboration. Each of these two phones has some unique ways that mobile technology is used on the Cabin Crew job. She, and you all, should aim to tailor your answer not on the specific phone you would choose, but how mobile technology is going to help you in your job. And those aspects can be: answering emails promptly, been contactable for your managers, staying connected to your family and using them as a way to stay knowledgable, well informed and up to date.

I have encouraged this candidate to obtain lessons learned from this assessment day and not to give up at any point. At Oxford University they say: “Failure is a part of learning. While the idea of failing can seem scary, it helps students/candidates to develop learning skills, boost their sense of determination, and build self-esteem. Failure is an opportunity to grow.”

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Etihad online English Test

The Cabin Crew recruitment has speed up in the last month. I am happy and delighted to receive lot of questions on many topics that definitely motivate me to keep on creating content and sharing my knowledge. In todays blog post, you will se part of the online English test of Etihad Airways.

In a conversation with many candidates, I was informed that the online English test of Etihad Airways for the job position of a Cabin Crew is no joke and that it is a challenging task. Here is how one part looks like:

Directions: Read the following email about a research project. 
Then answer the questions. 
Sent: Friday, April 6, 2014 @ 8:22:43 am
RE: Your project outtine
Dear Carl,
Thank you for submitting the outline for your final research project Although it is a solid start, I believe it needs some work in a few key  areas, which I have outlined below, before you can move forward.  As a topic, the effect of agricultural pesticides on wildlife poputations is important and certainly relevant to what we have discussed in class.  However, it has been the subject of major research and significant media coverage for decades.  A lot of ground has already been covered;  Therefore, it may be difficult for you to construct a unique argument. 

When we first met to discuss your thesis at the start of the semester, you spoke at length about your belief that the use of chemicals is detrimental to witdlife species, especially those that are already struggling to survive in a shrinking habitat.  Unfortunately, the thesis statement in your proposal does not express the thoughtfutness you demonstrated at that time.  Although your point of view is clear, the wording of yaur thesis is simplistic and does not express the complexity of the pesticide issue. 

Given the length of your list of sources, you have clearly done a lot of preliminary research-watching films, reviewing online materials, reading books, and planning interviews environmentalists and chemists.  The types of materials listed are also varied, which is always good, but your list is very one-sided.  In fact, you may find it easier to rewrite your thesis after adding to your list of resources.  You need to include more materials that oppose your argument, at least in part.  If most reputable sources favor one side of a particular issue, then that strongly suggests there may no longer be much debate;  in other words, that one side is effectively winning.  You need to determine if this is the case for your topic as soon as possible.  If so, you will need to reconsider your choice, and focus on a new area, such as the effects of manufacturing on wildlife species.  This project requires that you establish position within controversial issue or debate in our field.  Therefore, it is crucial that you ensure that your chosen topic has been settled already. 

You need to make the necessary changes and send me your revised outline by April 13. We should not have to meet again unless I find any problems with your final proposal.  However, as long as you make the required edits above, that should not be the case.  If you have any questions, please come see me during my office hours. 


Professor Lumley

Question 1: The student most likely tacks sufficient sources for which argument?

  • The use of pesticides adversely affects endangered species.
  • The use of pesticides is nontoxic to endangered species.
  • Water and soil contamination are linked to the use of pesticides.
  • There are many safe alternatives to the use of toxic pesticides.

Question 2: According to the professor’s advice, what should the student do next?

  • Go to the professor’s office to discuss the paper.
  • Investigate if there is ample debate about the topic.
  • Write an entirely new outline for his thesis.
  • Adopt the opposing viewpoint as his thesis.

As you may observe ladies and gentleman, the text has academic content and this makes me very happy to read it. It is segment confirmation to what I always say to everyone: YOU NEED CERTAIN LEVEL OF ACADEMIC KNOWLEDGE to be able to communicate and understand well many terms. People that have graduated high school and have no work experience, will find it hard to be able to get the job. And let’s be honest over here. In most of the countries, we graduate high school at 18 and the minimum age to be International’s Cabin Crew is 21. So please think wisely what you will do in the next three years. My suggestion would always be: WORK AND STUDY!

The world sets up many new standards and only those that are fully determinate to succeed, will be able to make it!

🛫Meanwhile, my advice to you is to be engaged with my Youtube Channel (Link is in Bio) and do a self-learning starting with the playlist related to:
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📌Video Interview playlist
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📌The Mini Aviation Management Playlist
📌Key skills for Cabin Crew
📌Cabin Crew freshers
📌Cabin Crew and supervisors

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Cabin Crew English Test + sample test (online version)

The online English test that you would have to complete as proof that you can comply with the non negotiable rule and regulation related to fluency in both, written and spoken English will most probably have the following format:






In the first part of the test, your FLUENCY level is going to be observed. I would also add that one more characteristic is being checked and that is your ability to pay attention to details. Let’s start:

Choose the sentences that best describe Photo 1:

1. a) The plane is ready for take-off.

b) They’ll have finished the boarding soon.

c) The cabin crew are preparing the cabin for boarding.

2. a) All the passengers are seated.

b) The cabin crew are in the jump seats.

c) The passengers and cabin crew are not seated yet.

3. a) The man by the window hasn’t noticed the other passenger putting his suitcase in the overhead locker.

b) The man by the window is concentrating on his book.

c) The man by a the window could be worried if the bag will fall on him.

4. a) The man is placing his carry-on luggage under the seat.

b) The flight attendant thinks the man needs some help.

c) The flight attendant has put all the man’s luggage in the overhead locker.

Choose the sentences that best describe Photo 2:

5. a) The cabin crew can’t find the seat belt for her safety demonstration.

b The cabin crew hopes all the passengers can see the seat belt she is holding.

c) Cabin crew will need to show the passengers a seat belt soon.

6. a) Passengers are encouraged to listen attentively to the safety demonstration.

b) Now that passengers have heard the safety demonstration, they can read the in-flight magazine.

c) The passengers are waiting for the safety demonstration to begin.

7. a) Cabin Crew is talking about life jackets.

b) During the safety demonstration, cabin crew reminds passengers to fasten their seat belts.

c) Cabin crew is going to start the safety demonstration soon.

8. a) The man in the beige blouse has a window seat.

b) The man in the beige blouse is looking for the cabin crew.

c) The man in the beige blouse is looking at the cabin crew.

Choose the sentences that best describe Photo 3:

9. a) Cabin Crew are going to serve food and drink in about half an hour.

b) Cabin Crew started serving food and drink about twenty minutes ago.

c) Cabin Crew have had to stop serving food and drink because of turbulence.

10. a) Judging by this section of the cabin, the flight looks full today.

b) The flight doesn’t appear to be very full today.

c) They aren’t serving food and drink because the flight is too full.

11. a) The passengers have all finished their meals now.

b) The elderly man hasn’t been given his meal yet.

c) Cabin Crew is giving some food to a passenger.

12. a) People wearing glasses are cabin crew.

b) The women holding the tray is cabin crew.

c) Passengers are watching a movie.

The COMPREHENSION part will be checked in a way that you will hear one or two audio recordings (usually from an aviation topic) and you will have to recognize the correct answer based on the conversation you have heard. If you listen carefully, the correct answer can be easily recognized. This is one way to check how good your memory is and at the end, are you an intelligent enough to be part of an Industry where you would have to remember many details and information in a short period of time. A sample questions are here on how this part will look like. You can not give the correct answer as I have not provided an audio. Similar exercise I have shared in a Youtube video. At the end of this blog post, you will have the link of that video.

Listen to Audio 1.

Choose the best way to complete each statement.

13. In the first conversation, the cabin crew.…

a) is worried that the turbulence might start after they have cleared the meals away.

b) is concerned he will not have time to distribute meals.

c) is concerned he will not have time to clear away the meals.

14. In the second conversation, the purser ….

a) is explaining airline policy regarding disabled passengers.

b) is explaining airline policy regarding live animals.

c) is explaining how dogs may behave on planes.

15. In the third conversation, the delay is likely to be …

a) more than three hours.

b) more than two hours.

c) two hours, or less.

16. In the fourth conversation, the purser is telling the cabin crew that…

a) a member of an orchestra will need extra seats for his / her instrument.

b) all the members of an orchestra will need extra seats for their instruments.

c) the members of an orchestra will need special attention.


Choose the best response to each question or statement.

17. Could you help me get this bag into the locker?

a) Yes, I will.

b) Yes, you could.

c) Yes, of course.

d) Yes, I would like to.

18. The lady in 15C will need help getting out of her seat.

a) OK. Yes. I can.

b) OK, I’ll take care of that.

c) OK, I will get her.

d) OK, I’m going to get her out.

19. Can I get my book from the overhead locker?

a) We are about to take off so you can’t.

b) No, you can’t. We are taking off in a few minutes.

c) The plane is about to take off. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait.

d) No, I can’t. We are about to take off.

20. I don’t have any water on this meal tray.

a) I’m sorry, madam. I get it now.

b) I’m sorry, madam. I’ll get you some now.

c) I’m sorry, madam. I am getting them now.

d) I’m sorry, madam. Now I will get some.

21. I feel very dizzy. I think I’m going to faint.

a) Don’t try to get up.

b) Don’t you get up.

c) You don’t try to get up.

d) Try not getting up.

22. Is this kind of turbulence normal?

a) Yes, don’t worry for it, sir.

b) Yes, absolutely is normal.

c) Yes, this is.

d) Yes, absolutely. There’s no need to worry.

23. How long do you think we will be waiting here?

a) Sometimes.

b)About half an hour long.

c) During half an hour.

d) Not long. Around thirty minutes.

24. Good morning. My name’s Rob. I’m the purser for today.

a) Yes, good morning.

b) Pleased to meet you, Rob.

c) Yes, hello.

d) Hello, I’m happy to see you.

25. What’s the weather like in Bangkok?

a) One minute. I will know it and tell you.

b) I will tell you when I have asked.

c) I am going to tell you soon.

d) I’l try and find out for you.

26. I see from your CV that you have worked in hotels before.

a) Yes, that’s right.

b)Yes, I what.

c) Yes, I have worked.

d) Yes, I was in them before.


Choose the best words to complete each sentence.

27.____________ the bad weather, take-off has been delayed.

a) Because

b) So

c) Because of

d) In order to

28. How about______________ some water?

a) to drink

b) drank

c) drink

d) drinking

29. We____________to put that bag in the overhead locker for take-off.

a) must

b) need

c) should

d) are

30. __________________it be possible to switch off your mobile phone please, sir?

a) Would

b) Could

c) May

d) I wonder if

31. The man in 34A______________ very angry about the baby behind him. I think we need to do something.

a) gets

b) is get

c) is getting

d) get

32. I can____________________you there is no meat in the sauce, sir.

a) make sure

b) sure

c) to assure

d) assure

33. How long do you think the delay___________ be?

a) can

b) might

c) is

d) must

34. As soon as we______________ I will tell you.

a) will know

b) know

c) are knowing

d) knows

35. Have you__________your inhaler with you, madam?

a) brought

b) brought it

c) bring

d) to bring

36. There is nothing______________about. Everything is under control.

a) to worry

b) for worrying

c) worry


Choose the best word to complete each sentence.

37. I am very sorry__________ that.

a) of

b) because

c) about

d) with

38. Would you_____________helping me with this?

a) mind

b) can

c) possible

d) might

39. This water heater is out of__________________We’ll have to use the other one.

a) working

b) action

c) function

d) problem

40. The Captain has just__________________us of some turbulence ahead.

a) announced

b) explained

c) informed

d) showed

41. Could you put your bag in the locker, sir? We need to keep the____________ clear.

a) aisles

b) luggage

c) take-off

d) passengers

42. There is really nothing to be concerned________________madam.

a) on

b) in

c) of

d) about

43. Are there any passengers today with_______________needs?

a) special

b) private

c) extraordinary

d) specialist

44. Shall I help you lift that____________the locker?

a) in

b) into

c) up

d) onto

45. I think there’s something wrong______________the sink in the aft toilet.

a) from

b) at

c) for

d) with

The correct answers will be published in a post on my Instagram account. Press the follow button and enjoy your results. To pass this test successfully, you are allowed to have four mistakes only.

Here is my Youtube video where you will find similar English sample test:

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This test has been used from Oxford University Press page and the printable copy from the same can be found here:

What do you think are the key ingredients for a business relationship ?

Learning and working in the Cabin Crew field for quite some time, I can say that good working relationship are more important than ever in today’s increasingly collaborative work environments in Aircraft and Aviation in general. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be easier said than done. It’s not impossible, however. My experience says that it is of utmost importance that we get a proactive jump on forming positive workplace relationships by implementing some simple methods and establish an amazing career in one of the work environments that are subject to constant change.
The recruitment team, with this question, wants to know how ready you are to work in this environment and are you someone that can overcome obstacles and stress.
To formulate the best answer to this question, you must have in mind which aspects of a business relationship should be highlighted.

I will start with COMMUNICATION.

Communication is critical to all relationships — both in and out of our workplace. This is pretty much understandable. We will be working with different people so they all have different needs and preferences. Displaying a high level of understanding your colleague’s needs and responding to them accordingly can help you not only enjoy a better working relationship but also maximize productivity. And this includes the customers as well.
Expressing understanding regarding some ground rules for how and when you’ll communicate eliminates confusion, irritation, and other negative emotions in the workplace.

The second thing I wanna highlight is simply called: RESPECT

Just as the job of a Cabin Crew is your top priority, so are your colleague’s roles and responsibilities of equal priority to them. It is of utmost importance that you are aware of time management and being on time for your flight, treating everyone with courtesy, and honoring the time and space of others.


While there’s a time and place for venting, the flying job during work hours is not it. You should not complain about your previous employer and your colleagues. Not only does this damage the recruiter’s perception of you as a professional person, but it also promotes something called a culture of negativity.
Express knowledge and enthusiasm that highlights that you are not afraid of becoming part of the problem and that your attitude is commitment and becoming part of the solution. Share proactive approach with brainstorm ideas toward solutions. This is far more productive than griping anyone who will listen and risking your reputation in the process.


Everyone has the potential to make a difference in the workplace — regardless of level or position. Share how encouraging you are in welcoming ideas from others, and refrain from disparaging or belittling them.
This doesn’t mean you have to accept and implement bad ideas, but it does mean treating people — and their ideas — with the same courtesy with which you’d want to be treated. Plus, you never know when someone’s idea will turn into an unexpected solution for an ongoing challenge.


Always have in mind that you have a unique set of knowledge, skills, and experience. Sharing these with your team members, not only has the potential to make positive change but also gives your colleagues a better sense of who you are and what you have to offer.
In addition to sharing your ideas, it’s also essential to share your gratitude. If a colleague has helped out with a task or made a positive contribution to your work, acknowledging their efforts can go a long way to building a sense of teamwork.

Dear candidates, my experience says that: “Everyone makes mistakes.” Errors are a fact of life. In most cases, they’re recoverable. What’s not recoverable? Making a mistake and putting the blame on another colleague and worse, try to hide and lie. If you do a mistake, miss a deadline, or mess up an assignment, own it.
Many crew miss deadlines or mess up assignments and don’t sell them out to management. The recruiters wanna know are an accountable candidate that is ready to learn.

Last, but not least dear candidates,
always go into relationships with an open mind, realistic expectations, and never assume. People are only who we think they are based on what our interactions have been with them. One of the best pieces of advice I got from a supervisor in Qatar Airways was: accept the way people are not as you want them to be. If we have preconceived expectations of people, then we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.

With this question, the recruitment team is trying to figure out if you are someone who can be trusted to build rapport- a so called “soft skill” that is of utmost importance in the role of a Cabin Crew. You can successfully answer this question by thinking back to past positions or college experiences where your job depended on initiating and maintaining contact with key individuals. A little preparation goes a long way when it comes to your response- as your goal is to help the hiring manager imagine you motivating other people to support the company’s initiatives.

1. Generalize Your Relationship-Building Experiences: Think back through your career up to this point. Were you ever given a project in which you needed to communicate with a remote colleague or vendor? If you worked in sales- did you cultivate relationships with clients or successfully maintain existing accounts? If you worked in a coffee shop- how did you keep customers happy to keep them coming back? The idea is to think about your successes- then narrow down those experiences to a few “take home” words so that even if you worked in a different industry as the hiring manager- the ideas resonate.

2. Turn Failure Into a Learning Opportunity: If “what are the key ingredients in guiding successful business relationships?” is an interview question that brings you anxiety because you’ve found it challenging to do so in past positions- it’s time to do a little digging. Use reputable sources to compare best practices to what you already know. For example- think of how you could have applied the tip “do at least as much listening as you do speaking.” If you worked in marketing- think of how by being a more active listener you could have tailored your proposal to the client. If you have a customer service background- think of how important it was to listen to customers- and how crucial it was to pay close attention to training given by senior staff so you could ask experienced colleagues the right questions when dealing with a complex issue.

3.Regularly Put Yourself in Someone Else’s Shoes: One-sided business relationships are bound to fail. For example- if you consult regularly with a colleague for technical guidance- are you available to help that person when she or he needs to know something in your area of expertise? If the person hasn’t asked for your help yet- try finding ways of sharing valuable information with the individual on occasion. If your duties will include asking others to do something for you- think about how they will feel each time your requests come in- and you could adjust your strategy accordingly.

Now, how to Answer the ‘What Are the Key Ingredients for Business Relationships?’

I’d say being a great observer- being an open communicator and having a good sense of humor. On the first point- active listening really helps in business relationships. I try to pick up on others’ personal details and keep those bits in mind as I interact with them. Regarding communication- I like to be open and honest all of the time. If I don’t know something- I have no trouble saying “I don’t know- but let me look into that and get back with you.” Finally- having a sense of humor cuts through the tension and stress that often come with challenging work. I find if I don’t take myself or others too seriously- people enjoy working with me and look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with me.

Now that you’re prepared to answer one of the most difficult interview questions- get ready to take charge of your chance at landing your dream job and subscribe to my channel:

The recruitment process becomes harder!

While the history of the global pandemic is still being written, one enduring outcome of the past year will certainly be its effect on the redundancy, and losing jobs in the Aviation Industry. This shared trauma served to remind us just how fragile we are as a community, as a global economy, and as stewards of something called great customer service. The difficult work of how to get a job as a Cabin Crew during these times, the challenge how to be part of an Airline, and meet the new norms are taking place at all levels of the recruitment process, and the resulting changes will have profound implications for the applicants.
To be able to pass the interview, now more than ever, KNOWLEDGE plays a big part. Aviation is one of the main drivers behind globalization, and you need to know that it is driving the development of the modern world.  A network of airlines, airports and air traffic management organizations links the major cities and small communities of the world 24 hours a day with increasingly advanced aircraft.  Aviation supports 65.5 million jobs worldwide and enables $ 2.7 trillion in global GDP.

Aviation allows people to have adventures in new countries, relax on tropical beaches, build business relationships, and visit friends and family. Even with Covid-19 still being strongly present, the worldwide economy grows ever more linked, and over here Aviation is the factor that brings people together. The HR teams would wanna know your opinion on the social and economic benefits of Aviation. We had a lot of time during the pandemic to become knowledgeable. I am not saying that you should learn numbers by heart. But general knowledge must be present. And this is not because the recruiters wanna give you hard time and make fun of you. It’s the job that sets the trends. Cabin Crew as the front face of the Airline has an exclusive opportunity to interact with the passengers during the flight. And Airlines do not want their passengers to create low opinions on the most important department that creates their reputation.
One important fact that should be known and highlighted is that Aviation brings together a world of facts and figures to give policymakers and the industry an important global view of how air travel creates jobs and drives economic growth.
When you will be interacting with the recruitment team, use sentences like: “It is fascinating to look at the scope of the aviation industry and our role as Cabin Crew in the world”. I have mentioned in some of my Youtube videos that if Aviation was a country, would be the 20th largest economy in the world, as it is supporting 65.5 million jobs and nearly three trillion dollars in economic impact. With vocabulary like this, securing a job is piece of cake.
Again, always have in mind that just because someone has been Cabin Crew, doesn’t mean they know the fundamental principles of what it means to become one. The HR topic in the Aviation Industry has its specifics and one will know them only if one studies and learn about the same. This is why EXCREWNEXTCREW by Julia George are you only learning platforms for current & future Cabin Crew that teaches you Academic Knowledge on the topic of Aviation. Supported by my flying experience, these platforms are unique and full of quality content.
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Self-Learning; Why it’s Essential for You if you wanna become Cabin Crew 

Getting notified that I recommend you to do self-learning can be a little daunting and I completely understand that. However, if you want to achieve your aspirations and stay relevant in an ever-changing world where Aviation as industry plays big part, then self-learning is critical to all of us. Here are the reasons why I believe in this and in this post I have included ways how we can all nurture a greater sense of self-learning in ourselves. 

By definition, the self-learning process would be one way where we, as individuals can take initiative, with or without the assistance of others, in diagnosing our learning needs, formulating our learning goals, identifying human and material resources for our learning, as well as be able in evaluating our learning outcomes”.

My experience says that we rarely grow alone and that we are better equipped to learn and extend our knowledge as a collective. Candidates that have gaps in their knowledge, have their fear level high and all of this causes delay, denial and ignorance.

We live in an economy and society that innovates faster than ever in the entire human history and challenges are everywhere. We are also faced with a future that we cannot foresee, therefore the ability to adapt and learn in the same is key to our success. 

Technology and the connectivity of people, is great  way to equip ourselves with the mobility we need to combat this unknown future.

As information becomes available, the technology is playing a powerful part in accelerating our ability to access this knowledge. With this been said, even the least subscribers on my Youtube Channel acquired knowledge just as well as those who were already ‘skilled’ in the subject by watching my videos for quite some time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, education is a fire to be lit. Not a vessel to be filled.

Your future or current role as Cabin Crew, relies on your ability to apply critical thinking and have problem solving skills. 

Therefore, if we want all this to be effective, we must nurture something called a desire, a purpose and a reason to learn far beyond what is available as a blog post and that is knowledge, experience and virtual expression on the topic. This is most likely to occur when you are interested in what you are learning about and understand why are you learning. It’s not a rocket science — but it is a behavioral science; autonomy, mastery and purpose are your key drivers to meaningful learning on the Cabin Crew and Aviation topic. 

Here comes the question How To Improve Self-Learning & Enjoy The Journey at the same time?

Be Curious

Curiosity makes our brains more receptive for learning. When you learn to satisfy a level of curiosity, it makes the learning journey more enjoyable.

Candidates that are curious in their roles at work, or in their education, are more creative, less reactive to stress and provocation and more empathetic with others as well as better at communicating.

Essentially, motivation starts with a strong purpose and that is your “Why”:

  • Why do you need to enhance your knowledge about the Cabin Crew job and the Aviation in general?
  • Why is this knowledge and information is going to be of useful for you?
  • Why are you going to use this knowledge to create an impact in your job application and in building up a successful career in the Aviation industry?

If you are a passive learner, than moving to an active one, will make your learning experiences more meaningful to you.

 Set your Goals to Create New Opportunities

Setting goals is extremely important because it helps you to increase productivity and also improves your focus. I suggest that you create a specific plan and take action to achieve your goals. My Youtube Channel, my website and my Instagram account are platforms where you can learn about the skills required to become Cabin Crew, and one potential goal you can think about is how to apply these skills to your working life or how these skills can open new career opportunities for you.

Assess Resources that will Support your Learning Journey

In this manner, as mentioned many times above, I suggest my Learning Platforms. Never the less, the Internet is full of consultants that you can learn from. Now, please don’t get me wrong, it’s not as linear as a course or curriculum, but there are opportunities in that. When you will be learning from all of us, please be skeptical and verify everything — the Internet is full with information produced from people who have varying experience and opinion. I love the we have constructive challenges, when we debate and express counter-argument during my live sessions on my Instagram accounts. In this situations we become wiser to the various complexities of the Cabin Crew job and the Aviation in general. 

Another important recommendation is related to understanding the difference between academic knowledge and information sharing. Lot of consultants will be popular just because they share job vacancies. But that does not mean that these platforms can be your used for self-learning. They are “good to visit”, but limited to learning. 

Aim to Create Something Out of What You’ve Learned

Make a habit of creating something new from what you’ve learned. I recommend strategies to classify information in your long term memory is to use multiple ways to keep the knowledge gathered. For instance, creating a video presentation, drawing a mind map, telling a story or creating your own personal learning journal can be helpful. Developing ability to store, organize and review the importance of what you find is important. 

Build a Network of “Learning Collaborators” Around You

Me and you, are collaborative learners by nature. Take advantage of our online community at EXCREWNEXTCREW that will support you through your learning journey.

In the self-learning process, each one of us is also a teacher, so it’s super helpful to become a part of EXCREWNEXTCREW learning community and share your knowledge and ideas with us.

Our attention and memory both receive a boost when we picture ourselves relaying new material to another person. We make a more conscious effort to understand information in order to inform others.

For me, this is also encouragement. I have received lot of valuable advices and stimulus from my followers and subscribers who have the great interests and learning desires. Here are the links of my Learning Platforms. Your career is ready to take-off with a click of a button. Do not miss it!

Etihad is recruiting! Read before applying!

Etihad is pretty clearly stating that their Cabin Crew are truly global citizens who share a collective passion for caring for their guests, inspired by the traditional Arabian hospitality found in the home of the airline, Abu Dhabi. Read carefully the text. This is the place from where you should get inspired to write your cover letter and to make your CV ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly.

etihad Cabin Crew aspire to exceed their guest’s expectations and inspire them through innovative hospitality whilst ensuring the onboard safety of each of the guests. They are currently looking for EXCEPTIONAL CANDIDATES to join their team of award-winning Cabin Crew. If you have a desire to provide world-class in-flight service whilst traveling the world, Etihad encourages you to apply for this truly amazing position.

Here are the two important parameters that I represent on my Social Media platforms and those are your EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE.

Read very carefully the requirements please:

📌Minimum High School certification or any higher education;

📌Fluent English verbal and written comprehension; another language is an additional benefit;

📌Must be at least 21 years old on the date of joining;

📌Confident in water and be able to swim with the aid of a flotation device;

📌Minimum height of 165 cm;

📌No tattoos or body piercing (exception for one earring in the lower lobe of each ear for females only) that would be visible whilst wearing the Etihad uniform (bandages and cosmetic coverings are not permitted);

📌No criminal record;

📌Excellent personal presentation, style, and image;

📌Willing to serve alcohol, including during the holy month of Ramadan;

📌Willing to comply with UAE and GCAA visa, medical, and health screening requirements.

 The SKILLS section should be the following:

• Communication Skills – Excellent

• Customer Orientation -Excellent

• English Language skills – Excellent

Part of your learning experience about Etihad Airways should be the following information:

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, was formed in 2003 to bring “Abu Dhabi to the World”. Over the years, we have grown into Etihad Aviation Group, diversified global aviation, and travel company, which is one of the world’s most acclaimed industry brands. Etihad flies to over 84 destinations with a fleet of over 100 Airbus and Boeing aircraft, serving 18.6 million passengers a year and carrying 682,000 tonnes of cargo in 2018.

🛫Meanwhile, my advice to you is to be engaged with my Youtube Channel and do a  self-learning starting with the playlist related to:
📌Cabin Crew Questions & Answers;
📌Video Interview playlist;
📌Cabin Crew Requirements (you have the grooming videos there);
📌The Aviation and Covid-19;
📌The Mini Aviation Management Playlist;
📌Key skills for Cabin Crew;
📌Cabin Crew freshers;
📌Cabin Crew and supervisors and more.

📚Candidates that have been engaged in the self-learning process with my Youtube Channel have made absolute success.
Testimonials are available in many posts on my Instagram account.
Best of luck  🙏🛫💞


The following text has been written using the official website of Etihad Airways. Huge Tanks to Tina Grabez for allowing me to post her photos. She is EX Etihad Airways Cabin Crew and Content Creator from Serbia. You may follow her on:

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