Ladies and Gentlemen ,

in COVID-19’s competitive job market, there’s no room for mistakes at any point in your job search  especially when it comes to your CV. Instead of struggling to grasp all the rules and expectations of CV writing when the stakes are this high, you can stay engaged with me and make an outstanding CV.

In between the very first videos on my YouTube Channel I spoke about the CV preparation. That video helped hundreds of candidates to have their CVs shortlisted. Today, a year later and with the current situation with Covid-19 across the Globe, we certainly need an update on this topic. Also we have something else that contributes to enhanced version on the same.

Most of you know, but for those that are meeting me for the first time, a very warm welcome on board. My name is Julia George, I used to be a Cabin Crew and flew for Qatar Airways for 10 years where I have resigned from my last work position as Cabin Service director. I am studying Master studies in Aviation Management and what really contributes to this subject is that between the subjects that we study, we have the Job Application subject where we have learned the very same thing I am gonna share with you over here and that is: HOW TO MAKE THE BEST CV THAT WILL SECURE YOU A JOB IN THE AVIATION FIELD AND BEYOND!

So lets start?!

In order to get the structure of what I suggest and why do I do that, I am inviting you to click on my Youtube video and we will start preparing your CV TOGETHER:

16 thoughts on “How to prepare PERFECT CV YOURSELF?”

  1. You are so kind n loving person n you are my Idol too n i feel like my goals are coming more closer to me n your videos are so helpful you are a perfect Mentor sending a lot of gratitude n stay safe take care .🌍


  2. I found your Youtube channel exactly 1 week before my video interview with a European airline. Thank you so much for the useful tips and for sharing your personal experiences as cabin crew. They helped me to speak confidently and concisely. My recruiter was very impressed! I will keep on watching and reading your content as they will aid me in my future prospects, not only as cabin crew, but also to live a happier, healthier and productive life. You have incredible credibility and a kind heart. Appreciate you Julia!

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    1. I am happy to read that my work has made sense and I am certainly motivated to keep on sharing and creating content that will help candidates achieve their dreams by starting with securing a job at 40 000 feet. Thank you for this valuable feedback.


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