I would like to start this topic with a question to make you trigger your mind: What kind of learner you are? Do you need to first read a lot before you practice something, do you need to see something one time and you already are confident in trying? Do you need a lot of practice before you say that you are able to do something? How long it took for you to specialize in something? And in that SOMETHING I have asked you, have you thought about yourself and found WHO ARE YOU in first place? What are your goals and perceptions, what makes you go to bed happy every night, what annoy you and WHAT DO YOU WANNA BECOME? Have you established goals in your life, are they short term, long term, where do you see yourself, WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF? What are you values, how your behavior affects others? 

I am sorry, ladies and gentlemen, I have asked a lot of questions but had to point the focus on a point that’s more important than anything we talk and that point is YOU. We often related ourselves to others and that is completely fine. I also do that but what I do the most is I explore the developmental background of people I admire, relate to or simply wanna know about. 

In the following video I have given few examples to help you discover and bring the right decision on what you should study in order to become a cabin crew.

Also I have spoken about the MOST IMPORTANT SKILL that aspiring Cabin Crew should posses. All in this video will be a Turing point for you, I am very sure in that. Last but not least, share your feadback with me and all your comments!

Enjoy this video

Sincerely yours, @excrewnextcrew by Julia George


  1. Hello everyone! I wud like to share something, I hope my words will do justice to showcase how obliged I am to have fabulous coach like julia mam is. Just like you I am also an aviation aspirant. I have given interviews in Qatar twice before. I was not able to understand where I am lacking behind then in Nov 2019 I subscribed # Julia George you tube channel! After watching taking online sessions on insta, guys I would like to tell u that I was feeling like I am a raw since I have not followed her. From the day I started following her channel I improved alot as a person. I actually understood what is IQ, EQ, CQ.and still I am learning. Her motivation in the video games a power that is enough for a laymen as well. The leadership techniques I got to from her channel never seen anywhere telling whole heartedly. I can’t thankew enough to Julia mam for providing us the content which we can’t find even after giving fee to anyone and she is giving each and every tiny information along with tons of motivation absolutely free which is enough to boost our confidence and crack any interview. ✍️ I here by declare that today on 25 Jan 2021 made my day jus because of this wonderful lady. I really respect her and wishes her all the very best and keep helping people like me and others with ur encouraged videos. Today I am able to become the part of Qatar Airways only because of your Guidance. Thank you is a very small words to explain my greetings of my feelings towards you. U are the GEM.


    1. Dear Sara,
      I am beyond thrilled but most of all EXTREMELY HAPPY about your success.
      This is the beginning of a great chapter in your life.
      I do share all my knowledge and experience on my Social Media platform, and all credit for writing a chapter full of success goes to YOU cause you have implemented all I have shared.
      In a highly competitive and selective environment, your story is simply huge MOTIVATION for me to keep on working and creating content that will secure the job to everyone that has dedicated their time to watch all those long videos of mine.
      Thank you for each and every word you have written.


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