One of the most asked question I come across is what do we study in our Aviation Management Master program at Wildau Institute of Technology near Berlin, Germany. And before I dive deep into the subject or the answer to the question, I wanna elaborate and share few important points. As most of you know, I was a Cabin Crew for Qatar Airways for 10 years and ended my career there as Cabin Service Director. I am graduated criminologist in North Macedonia where back in 2008 I have graduated in the first generation of students there, with a score of 9,15 out of 10. However, my skills gained there, my passion, my emotional and cultural intelligence, secured me a place among the team of Cabin Crew in the Best Airline in the World.

In one of my Youtube videos I have elaborated WHY I LEFT Qatar Airways. In between is the great reason which was me, moving to Germany where me and my husband started our family over here. I landed in Dusseldorf on 24th of February, 2019. It was a beautiful and sunny weather. My husband waited for me and me 16 suitcases and welcomed me with beautiful flowers. There was a lot of excitement inside me, but I have to be honest with you, that there was also a lot of fear. I was jobless and no matter how much secure I should feel that my husband earns well, I was never brought up with behavior that I should rely on someone financially. That was the biggest fear inside me. My “end of service” with Qatar Airways was 20 000 euros and I invested those money building up a new house in North Macedonia. I had some amount of money for my financial stability and that kept me neutralizing the fear for some time, until I understand the point that my husband was always saying and that is US. There are no more my or yours money, it’ s our money. So everything fall on its place just perfectly.

We started building up our life. I started immediately learning German language and month after I found out that I am pregnant. Meanwhile, during my pregnancy I have opened my Youtube Channel and started sharing my knowledge and experience gained as Cabin Crew with Qatar Airways. The feedback was tremendous. Candidates were getting deleted as Cabin Crew ON THE SPOT by watching my Youtube videos and implementing each and every word I have shared in over there. But somehow that was not making me feel growing in the right direction. I sat down and started to develop options. I also listened to my audience that was and still is: HUNGRY FOR KNOWLEDGE! I said to myself that in order to create, share and express more content on the Cabin Crew subject, I need to know more. I need to broaden up my boarders and need to into the subject of WHERE THE CABIN CREW BELONGS TO? The answer to this question is simple. It belongs to the Aviation and by connection my managerial position as a Cabin Service Director, I came with the idea that Aviation Management is where I should enroll myself in AS SOON AS CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ALLOW.

During my research, I have looked up at the study programs of several universities and won’t go deep into that. However, what I would highlight over here is the study program of and it was all that I wanted. I opened their website, found the course enrollment and started preparing the documents. If you are interested, on the link above you have all the details, feel free to contact the University. I have enrolled myself in the Master Studies of Aviation Management in English and I have heard soon that a study program for Bachelorette in Aviation Management in English will be available as well.

So, WHAT IS AVIATION MANAGEMENT IN FIRST PLACE? Shortly saying, Aviation Management deals with the study of airlines, airports and business related to the aviation industry. As a Master student, I am pursuing this aviation management course with an aim to work at high-level positions with chance to combine my educational background as a criminologist, my work experience as cabin crew and perhaps work for the security of the airport and air traffic control towers. The aviation Management involves the activities of planning, designing, operating and maintaining aircrafts as well. The Aviation Management master program provides me with the education necessary to oversee the departments of airlines and airports. Here I can mention: ground handling, fleet management, ticketing, international tourism board, hospitality and in-flight services are included in aviation management.
The career in aviation management is one great deal for yourself as it brings stupendous growth and countless opportunities ALL OVER THE WORLD. Traveling across the world and getting paid for can undoubtedly be the most satisfying job. And I have experienced that.

I can endlessly write how happy and satisfied I am with the master studies at Wildau Institute of Technology near Berlin, Germany. But I think that the best judge for this would be YOU! If you are reading this blog, and once you are done with it, jump to my Youtube Channel and have a look at some of my very first videos and check out the last one. You will see a huge difference in my understanding and sharing the topics.

Last but not least, during these hard times for the Aviation Industry and the very long recovery time, I do believe that the best thing that we can do for ourselves is gain a degree that will later on help us in our career development. And if just like me, you can not imagine any other field, expert Aviation, then go for Aviation Management course irrespective of which form that would be. Bachelorette or Master studies, irrespective in which country you will decide to do that, I am very sure that a convenient deal can be found, You just have to keep researching, just the way I did it. THE WORLD IS A FIELD OF ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES….JUST DARE AND YOU ARE THERE!

Thank you so much for reading my blog and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to drop a comment bellow this blog. My Youtube Channel and my Instagram account are platforms where you are always welcomed to visit, follow, subscribe and share your support in sharing my platforms on your social media. No credit card payments required at all. Just kidding of course. My assistance to all the Cabin Crew aspirants is completely free of charge and if you think that I deserve to be supported in the form of sharing my social media platform, that would be the best payment to me.

Here is, according to me, the most pragmatical demonstration of HOW AVIATION MANAGEMENT LOOKS LIKE.

A Youtube video published on the official Youtube Channel of Wildau Institute of Technology where you can see how the unique Aviation Management Master program can provide you with all skills and qualifications that are necessary to boost your international career in different fields of the aviation.

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