Cabin Crew interview BODY LANGUAGE

When we talk about interviews, irrespective it is a video or face to face interview, I have learned that is important that we understand that interviews ARE NOT ABOUT REALITY. They are about PERCEPTION. The interview itself it is a communication transfer where we display our personality in front of the recruiters but its the interviewers perception, registration and interpretation of the things that we have said and displayed when we use verbal non verbal cues. Its different with what we speak and how we answer. All our answers to all the questions are recorded and the team of HR experts are evaluating them. The decision if we will be hired as Cabin Crew is not made on the spot, we wait for it right?

In the non verbal communication and its impact during the face-to-face exchanges there are three core elements in having effective face-to-face communication of emotions or attitudes: Fist is the nonverbal behavior (facial expressions, for example), than comes the tone of voice, and last but not least is the literal meaning of the spoken word. 

These three essential elements, account for how we convey our liking, or disliking, of another person. The importance of such nonverbal ‘clues’ lies when they appear to conflict with the words used and/or the tone in which they are spoken.  So drawing on the combined findings Professor Albert Mehrabian formulated the 7-38-55% rule with the formula: 

7% of our communication is based on our words; 

38% is based on our tone of voice that we have;

55% is based on our body language.

So 93% of all that we do is not based only on what we are saying but a combination of all of all together.

I would like to highlight that we all should be aware that we are all DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER. I have seen some videos on Youtube where Cabin Crew consultants are actually showing to candidates how they should walk. I am very sure that they have not approached the subject of the body language from an academic point of view, cause if they did, they would know very well that those kind of “advice sharing” is not going to be applicable to everyone. 

In my Youtube video bellow, I talk about the four phases of the Cabin Crew interview and these are all occasions when the candidates will be displaying their body language. 

Before you ask me about the Video interview, I would like to say that the content of my Youtube video below is EQUALLY IMPORTANT AND APPLICABLE THERE. We should know that there is a camera, HR teams are observing us so we should not think that we should do something differently. 

The four phases that I talk about are: 1.when we greet somebody, the interviewers, the camera on the online video interview, cause when we start we should greet the viewer even if we do not see him/her at that time. Then comes the 2.second face when the interviewers, the computer in the online video interview is asking us questions. The 3.third phase is when we get an opportunity to ask question and the 4.forth phase is the phase when we leave from the interview. 

I would kindly invite you all to have a look at my YouTube video and share your comments bellow.

Regards, @excrewnextcrew by Julia George

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