In some of the LIVE sessions on my Instagram account I spoke about the example which I’ve named as “YOUR JAPANESE COFFEE SHOP”. And now I consider that it’s the perfect time to put that story in this blog post and ensure that it will serve many out there that you will read it. I dedicate this story to all the CABIN CREW CANDIDATES that got their date of joining and their application processes being CANCELED.

The story goes like this:

As you are reading, I would kindly ask you not to hesitate to imagine and visualize the story as it will have a great impact on they way how you will be seeing things after you read this story. Imagine that you are in the beautiful land of Japan. You are a foreigner and have graduated there in the field of customer service. You have fall in love with the Japanese culture so much and you wanted to live and work there. As a coffee lover, you have decided to open your own Coffee Shop. The business clime was just amazing. You had a convenient bank loan to support you start you business and all was set. At the beginning you were the one who was making the coffee in order to do your own research on what your customers wants and in that process you were able to set your own unique standard. Your business was blooming.

You soon were able to pay your loan and as loan free now it was just the time to broaden up you business. So you have opened two more coffee shops in Tokyo and employed approximately 20 people. You were no longer the coffee maker only, but the General Manager. Everything was just perfect. You coffee started to be widely known of its quality so you decided to brand it. Now things were on another level.

As a product owner, you were in a position where you have faced a high demand on the market because of your good work, the great customer service of you staff and the high standard quality of you product, and you received a project offer. The project offer was very reasonable thing to happen after such success and with everything seem to be so perfect, you went on for expansion. Your coffee shops were suppose to be opened in 3 other cities in Japan and it was total of 10 coffee shops that needed the excellent customer service as the one you had in Tokyo.

So you have made the staff recruitment according to the standards for that and soon you had 120 new staff ready to start working. It was December 2019 and it was great preparation time for your expansion. All of a sudden in January, 2020 something unexpected happened and a new virus was detected in China. At this time you were not so worried, but few weeks after the first Government restrictions were imposed worldwide, some of your stuff could not join and they were not from Japan. Everything started to just slow down. It slow down to a point where you had to postpone the new project completely. Your three coffees shops in Tokyo were also working with lower intensity. One of the coffee shops was almost without customers. You had to close it and unfortunately you had to cut on your current staff and lai off some. Your heart was breaking, but simply, without making enough revenue you can not afford paying salaries.

You had lot of questions in your mind: Why this has happened, when this will be over, how long this will be lasting!? People were dying all over the world. Government restrictions could not give answers to your questions. Sciences have told to all of us: PEOPLE, STAND BY PLEASE! This is a new virus and we know nothing about it. We need time to research. A year after they came up with a vaccine. You, just like the humanity itself, you have no answers to your questions. The sciences have said WE STILL NEED MORE TIME FOR RESEARCH! This is a virus made in laboratory and it’s very unpredictable. WE NEED MORE TIME FOR RESEARCH! The virus is constantly mutating and seems unstoppable.

So now there are some answers to your questions as Coffee shop and a product owner.

We might never find out why Covid-19 happened. How long it will last also is something we are still researching. And to the question similar to the previous, when it will be over, expecting a deadline, the answer would be: WHEN WE LEARN HOW TO LIVE WITH THE SAME!

The researches will continue and we will all be open to see the results. The societies where we live are also in a constant fight and almost all of us know someone that was the victim of the virus. Unless we think like an owner, we can never fully understand the inability to pay off the salary to staff that simply would not be working if you have them during a period of time where your business is stagnating.

However, this can not last forever. I see a bright future cause we have showed up many times in the past that we have ability to survive hard times as this one. Until then, it so important to create a module for ourselves that includes staying HEALTHY, HAPPY, KNOWLEDGABLE AND STRONG! Cause when everything is over, one important parameter to distinguish you from the other will be WHAT WERE DOING AND HOW MUCH YOU HAVE PROGRESSED!

Thank you very much for reading THE JAPANESE COFFEE SHOP story.

Your Julia

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