How to deal with customer complaints on board?

Deal Ladies & Gentleman,

I have decided that this #instaquestion is the best to be answered and elaborated over here, so I don’t have to hesitate on the length of the text. I would also like to thank to Mr. Shubam who has raised up this question, giving to all of us an opportunity to be engaged in such valuable subject.

Before we dive into one important aspect of the Cabin Crew job, and those are the famous “Customer Complaints”, it is of utmost importance to observe and get familiarised with the latest analysis of customer reviews and what are the top airline customer complaints across the world.
A small digression to what I have written above. This statistics is unique to every Airline and once you join the team of their Cabin Crew, the Customer Service Department along with the Training Department will ensure that you are well informed and updated on the latest trends in customer complaints. In fact, this is how the In-Flight service gets to be changed, updated and implemented. So my sincere suggestion would be: TAKE THE CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS WITH OPEN HANDS! Your mind set and your attitude should be navigated that this challenge is something that you can handle and you have the power to turn any bad situation or experience of your customer into an ultimate goal where he/she will still think that the Airline that you represent is still great.
Here are some aspects to be considered:

📌Always listen to your customers complaints very carefully
Listen carefully to your customers that has something to tell you and let them finish what they have to say. Don’t get defensive. The customer is not attacking you. They have a problem and they are really upset about it. They want to know if the company truly cares for them or not. So repeat back what you are hearing to show that you have listened.

📌Respond by showing empathy
And here comes in place you EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE that I talk a lot on my Social Media platforms. Put yourself in their shoes. Your goal is to solve the problem, not argue with them. The customer needs to feel like you are on their side and that you empathize with the situation.

📌Be caring & concern
Ask questions in a caring and concerned manner before jumping to conclusions. The more information you can get from the customer, the better you will understand their perspective. This aspect is very important and it’s one of the most seriously considered parameter during your recruitment process.

📌Simply apologize
When a customer senses that you are sincerely sorry, it usually diffuses the situation. Don’t blame another person or other department. Just say that you are truly sorry and that you’re trying to fix the situation.

📌Try to solve the problem and do not run away
Provide the customers with an acceptable solution quickly. Do not forget that you have your entire set of Cabin Crew with you and you have an opportunity to show that you utilize all you resources effectively. Ask your customers what will make the situation better for them. Insome cases they have reasonable demands and so you will get an opportunity to solve that complaint.

Please remember that when complaints are moved up the chain of command, they become more expensive to handle and only add to the customer’s frustration. If you wanna progress in your career, be that OUTSTANDING Cabin Crew that will not handover all the complaints to you seniors, but rather will work on them, of course keeping the seniors informed. The ownership of a problem is important aspect. Equip yourself with knowledge and BE BRAVE. You can handle effectively evry customer complaint.

📌Do not run away from companies, but go to them openly. You would encounter Cabin Crew walking in the cabin with their head down, trying to avoid requests, comments, complaints. I was never one of them. And I think big part of my career progress was thanx to the my brave approach to listen to my customers and help them as much as I can and as much as circumstances allow. You must never forget that you are in an Airplane. One customer complain can be because you customer wants candles on his birthday cake, bit that is something strictly forbidden due to safety reasons. When a customer complaint is related to a safety issue, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! When a complaint is something that simply is not there on board, YOU ALSO HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! In all those circumstances, your supervisor will simply write a voyage report and that’s it. But what matters in this case and what you should always be concerned is you ATTITUDE, YOUR BODY LANGUAGE, YOUR GROOMING AND YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

Last but not least, the customer complaints can raise up into more serious issues such as conflicts and I have well elaborated in the Youtube video called : HOW TO RESOLVE CONFLICTS PEACEFULLY ON BOARD THE AIRCRAFT.

Have you had experienced a customer complaint? Have you been customer complaining? Share your thoughts in a comment bellow. Thank you very much for being valuable reader and will be seeing you soon. Stay HEALTHY, HAPPY, KNOWLEDGEABLE AND STRONG!

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