The BEST SKILLS to HIGHLIGHT in your Cabin Crew Application Process

The Covid crisis has given to all of us quite some time to think about our skills and how we can ensure that we get accepted in the role of Cabin Crew. With an aim to guide you the best way my knowledge and experience dictate, I have sat down and analyzed the Cabin Crew job description and revealed to you WHAT PERSONAL QUALITIES AND SKILLS you can gain and develop so you will be that OUTSTANDING candidate that I strive for.

This summary of the skills I have decided to divide into three categories in order to make your learning process easier to understand. Bellow are the three videos. My sincere suggestion is that you open a word document as you start watching, and start writing. You will see that many of those skills you already have and it will be easier to write them in your CV, under the KEY SKILLS category.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to share it in a comment.

Last but not least, I do expect that people will share comments such “WE DO NOT NEED TO KNOW/LEARN THIS”. My answer to such comment would be: “The moment you decide to put boundaries of the Safety&Security, First Aid and the Customers Service Skills of the Cabin Crew and you are stopping yourself to learn what the Teams do on board the Aircraft, that’s the time when you have started sabotaging yourself from the success”.

Good luck everyone!

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