Why there are Ground Sfuff recruitments and no Cabin Crew ones?

Let’ talk about recruitment from a REAL KNOWLEDGE point of view.
Due to the high number of Cabin Crew, pilots, and aviation staff reporting sick during the initial months of the pandemic, changes on rosters and shift patterns made airlines and airports to work hard on adjusting those changes to ensure that the critical activities can continue in case of lack of staff. And for those of you wanting to know WHY THERE ARE RECRUITMENTS still going on in aviation, THIS IS ONE OF THEM.

There are two main reasons for this:
1) To have an alternative supplier who can take over the duties of the critical functions and
2) When it comes to Cabin Crew working on the ground, the aim is to reduce the number of required crew to skeleton mode. By mentioning the term “skeleton model” I mean the minimum number of crew/staff needed to operate and maintain the business and the organization.
There are other reasons for the recruitments, of course, however, they are in place to help the Aviation Industry to be able to establish one or more alternative resources to help it manage until it recovers the lost assets and services.

It is of utmost importance to know that the reduced number of operations has allowed airports and airlines to operate on skeleton mode. In the case of one, the staff from the skeleton has been found positive the other staff from the skeleton who has been in contact with the affected staff should be replaced by a standby team member. Most importantly, that team member should be available. You can’t recrut them on the spot. With the foreseen number of infected staff, it is important to know that during this period, leave is not granted to critical staff. Ladies and gentelman, please please bare in mind that the situation is so dynamic that it is not possible to predict who and when a person will be needed to cover the position of a staff who has been tested positive or identified as a close contact of an identified positive case.

In general, and to ensure that virus widespread is reduced, it is observed that the aviation industry creates teams of personnel who work during the pandemic period with the same days, timings, and locations. With this, in the case that one staff is tested positive, close contact staff are easy to be identified. Managing shift patterns while balancing workload and safety and security of the airlines and airports employee is paramount to the employers who also have to consider health and safety practices as well as fatigue and risk.

While the Aviation Industry is in a survival or skeleton mode, our mindset should be ready for travel to come back.

Another important issue is related to the training. With the reduced number of operations and the current situation of staff working at different departments, such as many Cabin Crew working on the ground, there is a high number of personnel who has not undertaken their daily tasks for months cause they do something else at the moment.
Yet, the manpower planning system suggests having a certain number of aviation personnel to ensure once the return to operations is required, the personnel will be ready and will be easily updated with any new procedures implemented to ensure a smooth return to operations.

More about the MANPOWER PLANING SYSTEM and how the recruiters know how many Cabin Crew they should recruit, check out this video :

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