Do you need Customer Service Experience to become Cabin Crew?

Serving my mother on a flight from Athens to Doha

Airlines are looking for an energetic, enthusiastic, and ambitious candidates for the role of Cabin Crew. It’s clearly written in the non negotiable rules and regulation, especially of the Middle Easter Airlines that candidates should be individuals with outgoing personality, great interpersonal skills, individuals with ability to inspire the Airlines customers through innovative hospitality, individuals with passion for caring for others, people that have excellent personal presentation, style and image, people with potential that promises practicing excellent customer services which will leads to Airlines customer satisfaction.

Some of the customer services skills that can help the candidates includes: speaking clearly, listening attentively, and interacting comfortably with the recruiters as well as the other candidates on your assessment day.

If we think and evaluate for a moment the job of a Cabin Crew, having passion about the same is simply not enough. For instance, I have a passion to be a doctor, however I need a degree for that. In this case, you do not need a degree for Cabin Crew, but in order to secure a job at 40 000 feet, your degree are your SKILLS and that certainly does not represent only the passion, the willingness and the love. One important aspect of the job is your concern,the CUSTOMER SERVICE. It plays a large role in the career you pursue. It’s required in almost every part of the job, as you will be constantly dealing with passengers/customers. It will also be something that recruiters look for when recruiting new Cabin Crew members, so you need to be prepared to demonstrate how you can provide the airline with first-rate customer service. 


You all know very well that during an interview you will be asked to demonstrate your customer service skills. This is the core reason why the recruiters are asking you the Cabin Crew interview questions. And what if you can’t think of any times when you’ve provided excellent customer service? What if you can’t think back to any events at school or college, past jobs or even voluntary activity where you’ve had to go that extra mile to help someone out. What if you can’t share good examples of excellent customer service in times when you were customer? What if you have no idea what customer service is?

Then there is a problem and most probably you won’t be successful. This is why most of the candidates fail. They don’t fail for a small scar over the eyebrow area, I promise you that! 

So, why do airlines look for candidates who can provide them with this standard of customer service? Ultimately, the level of customer service that the passengers receive, will reflect how passengers view the airline. A good standard of customer service will promote a positive image of the airline, and encourage the passenger to use the airline again and recommend it to a friend. Another important aspect is your individual potential. The Airlines need bright candidates to be able to absorb huge amount of information in short period of time. The initial cabin crew training doesn’t last for 2 years. It’s only 2 months. There is a lot to be learned. No room for experimentation is left. 

As mentioned above, you have time to do something about this concern and I strongly suggest to you instead of googling how to become Cabin Crew without experience, you actually make yourself busy and start working in that customer service field. 

With doing that , you will certainly develop your skills as well as be able to improve the level of customer service you provide.

It is important that as Cabin Crew you create a good first impression of the airline you work for. This can be learned and in fact I do have a video on that. Here it is: 

When dealing with a customers you should always actively listen to what they are saying. This requires paying full attention to your customers, to your colleagues for example, and responding to them with any questions will help your understanding and clarify what the customers or your colleagues might need. 

As Cabin Crew, you will have to serve customers  throughout a flight, for example during the meal service or when assisting your senior with selling duty-free. To help improve your selling technique, it is very useful to be familiar with the products you have on offer. This way if a customer has any questions you can explain what are the products available for selling, and if applicable how they may benefit the customer. This may definitely help you to build up the in-flight sales on board and generate more income for the airline. Think about it. Would you be more likely to buy the perfume from the person who isn’t really sure what it smells like, or the crew member who can confidently describe it to you, saying whether they think you would like it or not? I personally believe this is the future skill that all the airlines will be particular about.

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