How Covid-19 will change the Cabin Crew recruitment process

The world is still facing uncertainty in all industries, icluding the Aviation. Recruting is no exeption in this. How has this global health crisis changed the Cabin Crew recrutment process, and how will the talent acquisition recover when this is all over? 

Tooday’s , more than ever, we live in something called “ an online world”. One very important fact that I wanna mention is that for us as humans, isn’t feasible anymore to process all the hundreds and sometimes thousands of CVs in response to diffrent job applications. This is why softwares are now doing it instead. This is the Applicant Tracking System that I have elaborated in one of my Youtube videos. In order to know how your CV is shortlisted and how to meet the criterias, do have a look on the following video: 

Indeed, thanks to Covid-19, there are even more digital changes ahead. 

The nature of the work of the recrutment teams has been reshaped in front of their eyes. We are all whitnessing that the Airlines, mainly low cost once, that they streamline the recruitment process in order to make more efficient hires through data-driven processes and solutions. With this transformation, many airlines have presented themselves as agile organisations that are ready to adapt to the rapid evolution of technology.

Covid-19 has accelerated the digitisation of all the aviation workforces, driven primarily by the need to adopt different strategies. 

The Zoom and Microsoft Teams have replaced the open days that the candidates used to attend. And so few stages after that.
I have well elaborated this topic in my Youtube video called: “HOW COVID-19 WILL CHANGE THE CABIN CREW RECRUITMENT ?” Here is the video: 

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is of utmost importance that you develop and straighten your  ability to embrace and effectively manage the challenges that are thrown at you. If you focus on the four components that I embrace HEALTH, HAPPINESS, KNOWLEDGE AND STRAIGHT, I don’t see any reason why you should not only secure a job at 40 000 feet but also become remarkably more knowledgable and stronger.

Please be ready to be enrolled in the new normal standard called: THE VIRTUAL RECRUITING!

Many are hesitant when it comes to video interviews. My sincere suggestion is that you are as professional as in a normal interview. It is of utmost importance that you are prepared with the Cabin Crew job requirements, and all that it takes to become Cabin Crew. Remember to have in mind the time zone when your video interview is sheduled as there might be a difference. Be prepared for the video interview and pay attention to your grooming, choose the place where you will be sitting and mostly do eliminate distractions from your surroundings. I have also prepared a video in chi I have shared which POST COVID-19 INTERVIEW QUESTIONS you might encounter. here is the video:

Thank you for being valuable reader to this blog post. Should you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to share them in a comment bellow.

6 thoughts on “How Covid-19 will change the Cabin Crew recruitment process”

  1. Great post. We are living in uncertain times, and the Aviation industry is no exception. Unfortunately, recruiting is one of the many areas where uncertainty exists. I want to add that approaching recruitment process outsourcing services,, will change the cabin crew recruitment process.

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  2. Good post. I agree with the author’s point of view. Recruitment is a time-consuming process, and it cannot be easy to find qualified candidates in some parts of the world. We are living in uncertain times, but we need to keep moving forward. We at  believe that HR jobs can be made easy using the best HR application software.


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