Can Cabin Crew teach you about Customer Contact, Teamwork and Leadership?

The Aircraft is a limited space where the Cabin Crew and their customers meet and are interacting with each other. During that interaction we encounter conflicts and misunderstandings and these type of situations are found in other areas of the world of work. It is of utmost importance to know how that interaction takes place. Indeed, this strongly depends on the skills and performance of the Cabin Crew, who at best must anticipate and de-escalate challenges and at worst solve them immediately and without help from the outside. This calls for the highest level of personal and interpersonal competence with all the consequences.

So, what can aspiring Cabin Crew learn from the very experienced Cabin Crew that have been in a leadership role in the Aviation Industry?

As a reader, and as Master Student in Aviation Management in Germany, I came across the MOST VALUABLE literature that all the Aspiring Cabin Crew should have and it’s called: BREAKTHROUGH. Most of you reading this blog post have been researching about some literature that can help you become Cabin Crew and maybe some have even bought some books, but honestly speaking to me, all I have seen is very very “DRY TOPICS” that are basically copy-paste in terms of content and information. BREAKTHROUGH is level up from all have read so far. It is mainly recommended for managers and employees, however the knowledge that you will find there has been calcified as food for thought and helps the reader in building something as practical bridge between self-leadership and team- leadership as well as an insight in the the collaboration of teams and the interaction with customers. I particularly love that the human factor is always in the centre of the attention of the author. This book teaches THE MOST IMPORTANT thing a candidate should posses. It’s called an ability to build and maintain true connections in the digital age and understanding how essential that is, in order to be successful in teamwork and customer contact and thus an important differentiator for all the Airlines. BREAKTHROUGH is for all Cabin Crew candidates that aim to increase their individual impact during the recruitment process and further more, during their flying career.

While reading this book, you will encounter that each chapter begins with exciting real life story that happened at a certain latitude and longitude and an altitude of 30,000 feet. As a reader of this book, you will be able to directly recognize parallels to your life and most importantly, you will be able to track down problems faster in future and find new solutions. If you want to increase your professional and personal effectiveness, this book is a must read for you. This is how you will be able to answer ALL THE CABIN CREW INTERVIEW QUESTIONS!

My full review on this literature is here:

Here are few words about the Author of this book:

One of the most extraordinary biography that you would read. There are exciting milestones in the same, including a seven-year employment as a former Swissair Cabin Crew.He has been in the worldwide leadership and training of cabin crew, and in contact with international customers at 30,000 feet, and has been able to experience first-hand how important a high level of personal and interpersonal competence is for effective human interaction. Additionally, he has many years of professional experience in various management positions and as a team leader and trained caregiver in accidents and other extreme situations.

Thomas Gelmi has been an executive coach for almost two decades. He is a facilitator, and sparring partner that supports leaders and teams in their development at various levels and in numerous industries. He focuses on developing PERSONAL and INTERPERSONAL competences in leadership, teamwork, and customer contact. And this is why he is my FAVORITE AUTHOR of all. Please be informed that HE IS NOT CABIN CREW CONSULTANT. You may find more about his work on his website

You may order the book using the following link:

Here is some testimonial for the recommendation:

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