Do Airlines do background checks on candidates?

Just like in any job, where you will be in a position of responsibility and dealing with members of the public, it’s normal for employers to carry out background checks. The reason for that is to make sure you are who you say you are, and that the information you’ve given throughout the process is accurate. From a safety point of view, checks like these are especially important – not only are you working in an environment where safety consciousness and following procedure is critical, but you will also have access to areas of the airport that are off-limits to the public.

If you have added or you have been asked to provide references (usually these are from your most recent previous employment), you also should know that the airline can contact them anytime to verify the details you have provided on your CV and application. Checking references is very common for any kind of employment application. The method of contact will differ from airline to airline, with some recruitment teams contacting referees directly by phone, and others asking them to complete a straightforward form or written statement based on their experience of working with you.

As safety is an imperative for all the airlines, your potential airline will carry out a criminal record check to ascertain whether you have any unspent convictions, or have had any convictions in the past which could affect your suitability for the position. Having a prior conviction can have an affect on the likelihood of you getting the job, especially if it’s related to your behavior or ethics. It’s important that you’re honest from the start of your application. If you’re found to be hiding something, your application could be instantly dismissed, even at this stage. Also, this is something that you may have to pay the fee for this check yourself, depending on which airline you’ve applied for.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wanna share with you that not all the airlines carry out these checks, and candidates often find it confusing when they do. I absolutely understand that this can cause concern, simply because people don’t understand why they’re in place. My sincere advice to you is please don’t worry – the airline isn’t delving into your credit rating, or how much money you have in your bank. The checks are there as a further identity check, and to ascertain whether you’ve ever had any sort of financial difficulties which have resulted in legal action, such as bankruptcy or you are in current criminal court action.

When you prepare and send your Cabin Crew job application in to a potential Airline employer, it sets off a chain reaction. First, your Cabin Crew application materials are screened by the  Applicant Tracking Systems for specific keywords that assess your qualifications and requirements. It’s imperative you use the keywords which you can find in the job description on your CV. I have well explained the way how you can do that in the following video:

Then, if the ATS deems that your application acceptable, an actual human from the Airline will review your application to see if you are a suitable candidate—and then something else has started happening and it is a form of background check. Not only is the information on your job application being verified, but Airlines nowadays are also checking you out online to see what else they can find out about you.
New statistics say that  70% of the Airlines are screening candidates on social media. They’re reviewing your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook page (to see what’s public and what’s not), your tweets on Twitter, what kinds of pics you like to post on Instagram and Pinterest, and so on. Anything slightly objectionable on any of your social media sites can cause you to not hear back from the Airline.

There is a belief that your “outer you” reflects your “inner you”. If you look untidy and sloppy, it is presumed that you will do untidy and sloppy work. Here comes my believe that the First impression comes much earlier than your actual meeting with the recruiters. Looking good and dressing appropriately are  key elements and provide higher level of confidence as well as your chances are raised up higher when you will be seen as someone that definitely can be good Brand Ambassador of the Airline. “Confidence equals security equals positive emotion equals better performance,” says Tony Schwartz, the author of Be Excellent at Anything: The Four Keys to Transforming the Way We Work and Live.

As monied above, your private presentation on your Social Media can take you right to the centre of things.  Being observed as potentially confident candidate can give you good looks plus good grooming; but that is not all.  Confidence means that when you are faced with an awkward situation, which is something very frequent when flying, you should not get anxious and you should be able to accommodate yourself to unexpected conditions.  Confidence in other words means to be self assured always especially while dealing with an airlines customer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the universal role of Cabin Crews is the same no matter which airline we would talk about. You should always know that every airline wants to be unique, but when it comes to grooming and appearance they are all demanding. This is part of personality type that they are closely zooming. So, there are common basic qualities that all airlines look for in their candidates and I am very sure that as candidates, you all know them very well.

To end this blog post, I wanna share that you all should not be scared at all. Rather, you should feel motivated to start working on your image and start building your personal presentation on Social Media the way it will look impressive to potential employers.

Best of luck to you all.

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