How to check Cabin Crew CV?

The most common question that comes in my inbox is a request for a CV check.
In today’s blog post, I would like to share what are the parameters on which one CV can be checked.

Everyone that does consulting services, for sure has the unique rating standards that they use throughout the CV review. My rating standards are well observed in my Youtube playlist related to the topic of CV preparation. In all those videos, I highlight how the Cabin Crew CV should be prepared and what is the content that can secure 100% CV selection. Following my knowledge, you can ensure that the first stage of your Cabin Crew application is actually a piece of cake.

One important parameter that I highlight is reviewing the position description before reviewing the candidates application materials. In this context, it is also important to review the advertisement for the job position that this CV is or should be submitted for.
To evaluate Cabin Crew applicants against objective criteria, it is important to make comments, notes, or other observations on the respective CV that is checked. This is a useful reminder when later we have to start to discuss the CV that we check.

During a CV evaluation, we emphasize the format along with the writing style as well as the content. We come to a stage when we have to compare the stated education and experience requirements in the job vacancy with those listed on the CV.

We must compare the employment history and its applicability to the position for which the candidates are applying (e.g., positions in a similar industry, similar responsibilities, etc.); length of time in each position; promotions or awards received; and reason for leaving each position. Dates are also checked.
We come to a point where we look and note if any gaps in employment are there in the CV. It is important to mention that as consultants, we should not assume that these gaps are there due to negative reasons. We check if this is addressed in the cover letter.
We should check whether any changes in position appear to be promotional, progressive, lateral moves, or simply changes. It is noticed also whether there is a career pattern, an industry pattern, or a random collection of past jobs.
Here comes the skills check-up. We look for special skills or intangible characteristics or experiences that are not required for the position and we add these to the comments on the CV check. For example familiarity with certain computer software, different degree, etc. that are not relevant to the Cabin Crew job
In the end, during the discussion, we have made a list of questions about the CV and its content that have to arise from reviewing the same.
If necessary, we conduct the CV check-up again to ensure that the CV has been well prepared.

Ladies and Gentleman, at this moment I regret to share that I am unable to accept the requests for CV review and exaltation. As much as I would want to do, this service is time consuming and I can not afford due to my busy schedule and the priorities that I have as Aviation Management Master student and your Cabin Crew educator.

Thank you for your understanding.

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