How to answer and what to write in your salary expectations?

Many Candidates have been confused about what to write as Salary Expectations in their online job application for Cabin Crew. This question is also a concern during the Cabin Crew interview itself.

From an HR point of view, this can be one of the many problems that the desired salary question in online job applications raises. You can not avoid, defer, or explain your reasoning for not answering the question to an automated answering form.
In this blog post, I would like to advise you on how you can answer the salary question without getting accidentally disqualified for not answering the same.

🛫Dear Cabin Crew Applicant, I would suggest you to use a word instead of a number. The fear of leaving the salary question field blank is that you may get disqualified by the system that will only surface candidates within a certain range or with complete answers. 

🛫Another thing that I would suggest is that you put a salary range that will include your research. What does this mean? It means that before that, you have researched to find out ranges of similar job salaries based on what comparable positions are paying for this kind of jobs in that geographic area let’s say. So when it comes to the Job of a Cabin Crew, I would say that you write something between seven hundred and nine hundred US dollars 💸. Of course, this is much less than what the total pay is, but we are here discussing and focusing on the Basic Salary and not the total one that includes the meal allowance and the flying hours.
🛫So make yourself modest and realistic, demonstrating absolute love and passion for the job. This is my honest opinion.
This question is also answered in the following Youtube video:

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