Self-Learning; Why it’s Essential for You if you wanna become Cabin Crew 

Getting notified that I recommend you to do self-learning can be a little daunting and I completely understand that. However, if you want to achieve your aspirations and stay relevant in an ever-changing world where Aviation as industry plays big part, then self-learning is critical to all of us. Here are the reasons why I believe in this and in this post I have included ways how we can all nurture a greater sense of self-learning in ourselves. 

By definition, the self-learning process would be one way where we, as individuals can take initiative, with or without the assistance of others, in diagnosing our learning needs, formulating our learning goals, identifying human and material resources for our learning, as well as be able in evaluating our learning outcomes”.

My experience says that we rarely grow alone and that we are better equipped to learn and extend our knowledge as a collective. Candidates that have gaps in their knowledge, have their fear level high and all of this causes delay, denial and ignorance.

We live in an economy and society that innovates faster than ever in the entire human history and challenges are everywhere. We are also faced with a future that we cannot foresee, therefore the ability to adapt and learn in the same is key to our success. 

Technology and the connectivity of people, is great  way to equip ourselves with the mobility we need to combat this unknown future.

As information becomes available, the technology is playing a powerful part in accelerating our ability to access this knowledge. With this been said, even the least subscribers on my Youtube Channel acquired knowledge just as well as those who were already ‘skilled’ in the subject by watching my videos for quite some time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, education is a fire to be lit. Not a vessel to be filled.

Your future or current role as Cabin Crew, relies on your ability to apply critical thinking and have problem solving skills. 

Therefore, if we want all this to be effective, we must nurture something called a desire, a purpose and a reason to learn far beyond what is available as a blog post and that is knowledge, experience and virtual expression on the topic. This is most likely to occur when you are interested in what you are learning about and understand why are you learning. It’s not a rocket science — but it is a behavioral science; autonomy, mastery and purpose are your key drivers to meaningful learning on the Cabin Crew and Aviation topic. 

Here comes the question How To Improve Self-Learning & Enjoy The Journey at the same time?

Be Curious

Curiosity makes our brains more receptive for learning. When you learn to satisfy a level of curiosity, it makes the learning journey more enjoyable.

Candidates that are curious in their roles at work, or in their education, are more creative, less reactive to stress and provocation and more empathetic with others as well as better at communicating.

Essentially, motivation starts with a strong purpose and that is your “Why”:

  • Why do you need to enhance your knowledge about the Cabin Crew job and the Aviation in general?
  • Why is this knowledge and information is going to be of useful for you?
  • Why are you going to use this knowledge to create an impact in your job application and in building up a successful career in the Aviation industry?

If you are a passive learner, than moving to an active one, will make your learning experiences more meaningful to you.

 Set your Goals to Create New Opportunities

Setting goals is extremely important because it helps you to increase productivity and also improves your focus. I suggest that you create a specific plan and take action to achieve your goals. My Youtube Channel, my website and my Instagram account are platforms where you can learn about the skills required to become Cabin Crew, and one potential goal you can think about is how to apply these skills to your working life or how these skills can open new career opportunities for you.

Assess Resources that will Support your Learning Journey

In this manner, as mentioned many times above, I suggest my Learning Platforms. Never the less, the Internet is full of consultants that you can learn from. Now, please don’t get me wrong, it’s not as linear as a course or curriculum, but there are opportunities in that. When you will be learning from all of us, please be skeptical and verify everything — the Internet is full with information produced from people who have varying experience and opinion. I love the we have constructive challenges, when we debate and express counter-argument during my live sessions on my Instagram accounts. In this situations we become wiser to the various complexities of the Cabin Crew job and the Aviation in general. 

Another important recommendation is related to understanding the difference between academic knowledge and information sharing. Lot of consultants will be popular just because they share job vacancies. But that does not mean that these platforms can be your used for self-learning. They are “good to visit”, but limited to learning. 

Aim to Create Something Out of What You’ve Learned

Make a habit of creating something new from what you’ve learned. I recommend strategies to classify information in your long term memory is to use multiple ways to keep the knowledge gathered. For instance, creating a video presentation, drawing a mind map, telling a story or creating your own personal learning journal can be helpful. Developing ability to store, organize and review the importance of what you find is important. 

Build a Network of “Learning Collaborators” Around You

Me and you, are collaborative learners by nature. Take advantage of our online community at EXCREWNEXTCREW that will support you through your learning journey.

In the self-learning process, each one of us is also a teacher, so it’s super helpful to become a part of EXCREWNEXTCREW learning community and share your knowledge and ideas with us.

Our attention and memory both receive a boost when we picture ourselves relaying new material to another person. We make a more conscious effort to understand information in order to inform others.

For me, this is also encouragement. I have received lot of valuable advices and stimulus from my followers and subscribers who have the great interests and learning desires. Here are the links of my Learning Platforms. Your career is ready to take-off with a click of a button. Do not miss it!

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