The recruitment process becomes harder!

While the history of the global pandemic is still being written, one enduring outcome of the past year will certainly be its effect on the redundancy, and losing jobs in the Aviation Industry. This shared trauma served to remind us just how fragile we are as a community, as a global economy, and as stewards of something called great customer service. The difficult work of how to get a job as a Cabin Crew during these times, the challenge how to be part of an Airline, and meet the new norms are taking place at all levels of the recruitment process, and the resulting changes will have profound implications for the applicants.
To be able to pass the interview, now more than ever, KNOWLEDGE plays a big part. Aviation is one of the main drivers behind globalization, and you need to know that it is driving the development of the modern world.  A network of airlines, airports and air traffic management organizations links the major cities and small communities of the world 24 hours a day with increasingly advanced aircraft.  Aviation supports 65.5 million jobs worldwide and enables $ 2.7 trillion in global GDP.

Aviation allows people to have adventures in new countries, relax on tropical beaches, build business relationships, and visit friends and family. Even with Covid-19 still being strongly present, the worldwide economy grows ever more linked, and over here Aviation is the factor that brings people together. The HR teams would wanna know your opinion on the social and economic benefits of Aviation. We had a lot of time during the pandemic to become knowledgeable. I am not saying that you should learn numbers by heart. But general knowledge must be present. And this is not because the recruiters wanna give you hard time and make fun of you. It’s the job that sets the trends. Cabin Crew as the front face of the Airline has an exclusive opportunity to interact with the passengers during the flight. And Airlines do not want their passengers to create low opinions on the most important department that creates their reputation.
One important fact that should be known and highlighted is that Aviation brings together a world of facts and figures to give policymakers and the industry an important global view of how air travel creates jobs and drives economic growth.
When you will be interacting with the recruitment team, use sentences like: “It is fascinating to look at the scope of the aviation industry and our role as Cabin Crew in the world”. I have mentioned in some of my Youtube videos that if Aviation was a country, would be the 20th largest economy in the world, as it is supporting 65.5 million jobs and nearly three trillion dollars in economic impact. With vocabulary like this, securing a job is piece of cake.
Again, always have in mind that just because someone has been Cabin Crew, doesn’t mean they know the fundamental principles of what it means to become one. The HR topic in the Aviation Industry has its specifics and one will know them only if one studies and learn about the same. This is why EXCREWNEXTCREW by Julia George are you only learning platforms for current & future Cabin Crew that teaches you Academic Knowledge on the topic of Aviation. Supported by my flying experience, these platforms are unique and full of quality content.
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