Cabin Crew English Test + sample test (online version)

The online English test that you would have to complete as proof that you can comply with the non negotiable rule and regulation related to fluency in both, written and spoken English will most probably have the following format:






In the first part of the test, your FLUENCY level is going to be observed. I would also add that one more characteristic is being checked and that is your ability to pay attention to details. Let’s start:

Choose the sentences that best describe Photo 1:

1. a) The plane is ready for take-off.

b) They’ll have finished the boarding soon.

c) The cabin crew are preparing the cabin for boarding.

2. a) All the passengers are seated.

b) The cabin crew are in the jump seats.

c) The passengers and cabin crew are not seated yet.

3. a) The man by the window hasn’t noticed the other passenger putting his suitcase in the overhead locker.

b) The man by the window is concentrating on his book.

c) The man by a the window could be worried if the bag will fall on him.

4. a) The man is placing his carry-on luggage under the seat.

b) The flight attendant thinks the man needs some help.

c) The flight attendant has put all the man’s luggage in the overhead locker.

Choose the sentences that best describe Photo 2:

5. a) The cabin crew can’t find the seat belt for her safety demonstration.

b The cabin crew hopes all the passengers can see the seat belt she is holding.

c) Cabin crew will need to show the passengers a seat belt soon.

6. a) Passengers are encouraged to listen attentively to the safety demonstration.

b) Now that passengers have heard the safety demonstration, they can read the in-flight magazine.

c) The passengers are waiting for the safety demonstration to begin.

7. a) Cabin Crew is talking about life jackets.

b) During the safety demonstration, cabin crew reminds passengers to fasten their seat belts.

c) Cabin crew is going to start the safety demonstration soon.

8. a) The man in the beige blouse has a window seat.

b) The man in the beige blouse is looking for the cabin crew.

c) The man in the beige blouse is looking at the cabin crew.

Choose the sentences that best describe Photo 3:

9. a) Cabin Crew are going to serve food and drink in about half an hour.

b) Cabin Crew started serving food and drink about twenty minutes ago.

c) Cabin Crew have had to stop serving food and drink because of turbulence.

10. a) Judging by this section of the cabin, the flight looks full today.

b) The flight doesn’t appear to be very full today.

c) They aren’t serving food and drink because the flight is too full.

11. a) The passengers have all finished their meals now.

b) The elderly man hasn’t been given his meal yet.

c) Cabin Crew is giving some food to a passenger.

12. a) People wearing glasses are cabin crew.

b) The women holding the tray is cabin crew.

c) Passengers are watching a movie.

The COMPREHENSION part will be checked in a way that you will hear one or two audio recordings (usually from an aviation topic) and you will have to recognize the correct answer based on the conversation you have heard. If you listen carefully, the correct answer can be easily recognized. This is one way to check how good your memory is and at the end, are you an intelligent enough to be part of an Industry where you would have to remember many details and information in a short period of time. A sample questions are here on how this part will look like. You can not give the correct answer as I have not provided an audio. Similar exercise I have shared in a Youtube video. At the end of this blog post, you will have the link of that video.

Listen to Audio 1.

Choose the best way to complete each statement.

13. In the first conversation, the cabin crew.…

a) is worried that the turbulence might start after they have cleared the meals away.

b) is concerned he will not have time to distribute meals.

c) is concerned he will not have time to clear away the meals.

14. In the second conversation, the purser ….

a) is explaining airline policy regarding disabled passengers.

b) is explaining airline policy regarding live animals.

c) is explaining how dogs may behave on planes.

15. In the third conversation, the delay is likely to be …

a) more than three hours.

b) more than two hours.

c) two hours, or less.

16. In the fourth conversation, the purser is telling the cabin crew that…

a) a member of an orchestra will need extra seats for his / her instrument.

b) all the members of an orchestra will need extra seats for their instruments.

c) the members of an orchestra will need special attention.


Choose the best response to each question or statement.

17. Could you help me get this bag into the locker?

a) Yes, I will.

b) Yes, you could.

c) Yes, of course.

d) Yes, I would like to.

18. The lady in 15C will need help getting out of her seat.

a) OK. Yes. I can.

b) OK, I’ll take care of that.

c) OK, I will get her.

d) OK, I’m going to get her out.

19. Can I get my book from the overhead locker?

a) We are about to take off so you can’t.

b) No, you can’t. We are taking off in a few minutes.

c) The plane is about to take off. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait.

d) No, I can’t. We are about to take off.

20. I don’t have any water on this meal tray.

a) I’m sorry, madam. I get it now.

b) I’m sorry, madam. I’ll get you some now.

c) I’m sorry, madam. I am getting them now.

d) I’m sorry, madam. Now I will get some.

21. I feel very dizzy. I think I’m going to faint.

a) Don’t try to get up.

b) Don’t you get up.

c) You don’t try to get up.

d) Try not getting up.

22. Is this kind of turbulence normal?

a) Yes, don’t worry for it, sir.

b) Yes, absolutely is normal.

c) Yes, this is.

d) Yes, absolutely. There’s no need to worry.

23. How long do you think we will be waiting here?

a) Sometimes.

b)About half an hour long.

c) During half an hour.

d) Not long. Around thirty minutes.

24. Good morning. My name’s Rob. I’m the purser for today.

a) Yes, good morning.

b) Pleased to meet you, Rob.

c) Yes, hello.

d) Hello, I’m happy to see you.

25. What’s the weather like in Bangkok?

a) One minute. I will know it and tell you.

b) I will tell you when I have asked.

c) I am going to tell you soon.

d) I’l try and find out for you.

26. I see from your CV that you have worked in hotels before.

a) Yes, that’s right.

b)Yes, I what.

c) Yes, I have worked.

d) Yes, I was in them before.


Choose the best words to complete each sentence.

27.____________ the bad weather, take-off has been delayed.

a) Because

b) So

c) Because of

d) In order to

28. How about______________ some water?

a) to drink

b) drank

c) drink

d) drinking

29. We____________to put that bag in the overhead locker for take-off.

a) must

b) need

c) should

d) are

30. __________________it be possible to switch off your mobile phone please, sir?

a) Would

b) Could

c) May

d) I wonder if

31. The man in 34A______________ very angry about the baby behind him. I think we need to do something.

a) gets

b) is get

c) is getting

d) get

32. I can____________________you there is no meat in the sauce, sir.

a) make sure

b) sure

c) to assure

d) assure

33. How long do you think the delay___________ be?

a) can

b) might

c) is

d) must

34. As soon as we______________ I will tell you.

a) will know

b) know

c) are knowing

d) knows

35. Have you__________your inhaler with you, madam?

a) brought

b) brought it

c) bring

d) to bring

36. There is nothing______________about. Everything is under control.

a) to worry

b) for worrying

c) worry


Choose the best word to complete each sentence.

37. I am very sorry__________ that.

a) of

b) because

c) about

d) with

38. Would you_____________helping me with this?

a) mind

b) can

c) possible

d) might

39. This water heater is out of__________________We’ll have to use the other one.

a) working

b) action

c) function

d) problem

40. The Captain has just__________________us of some turbulence ahead.

a) announced

b) explained

c) informed

d) showed

41. Could you put your bag in the locker, sir? We need to keep the____________ clear.

a) aisles

b) luggage

c) take-off

d) passengers

42. There is really nothing to be concerned________________madam.

a) on

b) in

c) of

d) about

43. Are there any passengers today with_______________needs?

a) special

b) private

c) extraordinary

d) specialist

44. Shall I help you lift that____________the locker?

a) in

b) into

c) up

d) onto

45. I think there’s something wrong______________the sink in the aft toilet.

a) from

b) at

c) for

d) with

The correct answers will be published in a post on my Instagram account. Press the follow button and enjoy your results. To pass this test successfully, you are allowed to have four mistakes only.

Here is my Youtube video where you will find similar English sample test:

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This test has been used from Oxford University Press page and the printable copy from the same can be found here:

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