Etihad online English Test

The Cabin Crew recruitment has speed up in the last month. I am happy and delighted to receive lot of questions on many topics that definitely motivate me to keep on creating content and sharing my knowledge. In todays blog post, you will se part of the online English test of Etihad Airways.

In a conversation with many candidates, I was informed that the online English test of Etihad Airways for the job position of a Cabin Crew is no joke and that it is a challenging task. Here is how one part looks like:

Directions: Read the following email about a research project. 
Then answer the questions. 
Sent: Friday, April 6, 2014 @ 8:22:43 am
RE: Your project outtine
Dear Carl,
Thank you for submitting the outline for your final research project Although it is a solid start, I believe it needs some work in a few key  areas, which I have outlined below, before you can move forward.  As a topic, the effect of agricultural pesticides on wildlife poputations is important and certainly relevant to what we have discussed in class.  However, it has been the subject of major research and significant media coverage for decades.  A lot of ground has already been covered;  Therefore, it may be difficult for you to construct a unique argument. 

When we first met to discuss your thesis at the start of the semester, you spoke at length about your belief that the use of chemicals is detrimental to witdlife species, especially those that are already struggling to survive in a shrinking habitat.  Unfortunately, the thesis statement in your proposal does not express the thoughtfutness you demonstrated at that time.  Although your point of view is clear, the wording of yaur thesis is simplistic and does not express the complexity of the pesticide issue. 

Given the length of your list of sources, you have clearly done a lot of preliminary research-watching films, reviewing online materials, reading books, and planning interviews environmentalists and chemists.  The types of materials listed are also varied, which is always good, but your list is very one-sided.  In fact, you may find it easier to rewrite your thesis after adding to your list of resources.  You need to include more materials that oppose your argument, at least in part.  If most reputable sources favor one side of a particular issue, then that strongly suggests there may no longer be much debate;  in other words, that one side is effectively winning.  You need to determine if this is the case for your topic as soon as possible.  If so, you will need to reconsider your choice, and focus on a new area, such as the effects of manufacturing on wildlife species.  This project requires that you establish position within controversial issue or debate in our field.  Therefore, it is crucial that you ensure that your chosen topic has been settled already. 

You need to make the necessary changes and send me your revised outline by April 13. We should not have to meet again unless I find any problems with your final proposal.  However, as long as you make the required edits above, that should not be the case.  If you have any questions, please come see me during my office hours. 


Professor Lumley

Question 1: The student most likely tacks sufficient sources for which argument?

  • The use of pesticides adversely affects endangered species.
  • The use of pesticides is nontoxic to endangered species.
  • Water and soil contamination are linked to the use of pesticides.
  • There are many safe alternatives to the use of toxic pesticides.

Question 2: According to the professor’s advice, what should the student do next?

  • Go to the professor’s office to discuss the paper.
  • Investigate if there is ample debate about the topic.
  • Write an entirely new outline for his thesis.
  • Adopt the opposing viewpoint as his thesis.

As you may observe ladies and gentleman, the text has academic content and this makes me very happy to read it. It is segment confirmation to what I always say to everyone: YOU NEED CERTAIN LEVEL OF ACADEMIC KNOWLEDGE to be able to communicate and understand well many terms. People that have graduated high school and have no work experience, will find it hard to be able to get the job. And let’s be honest over here. In most of the countries, we graduate high school at 18 and the minimum age to be International’s Cabin Crew is 21. So please think wisely what you will do in the next three years. My suggestion would always be: WORK AND STUDY!

The world sets up many new standards and only those that are fully determinate to succeed, will be able to make it!

🛫Meanwhile, my advice to you is to be engaged with my Youtube Channel (Link is in Bio) and do a self-learning starting with the playlist related to:
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📚Candidates that have been engaged in the self-learning process with my Youtube Channel have made absolute success.
Testimonials are available in many posts on my Social Media learning Platforms for current&future Cabin Crew.
Best of luck 🙏🛫💞

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