Every Candidate MUST HAVE ONE

One thing I wanna highlight, before I start sharing with you all what this blog post is about, is that I TRUST THE PEOPLE I COWORK WITH. This is why, whatever you will find as post and recommendation is here and takes place on my Social Media platforms as such. My dear colleague Juliana has created a UNIQUE product called: THE CABIN CREW ADVENT CALENDAR.

The Cabin Crew Advent Calendar is an every day present calendar, created with the purpose of helping those who aspire to be Cabin Crew, current Cabin Crew or simply Aviation Enthusiasts.

You will find 24 presents + one bonus every day!

In this Cabin Crew Advent Calendar there are checklists, recorded classes, guides and even photographs!

From the phonetic alphabet to how to dress for your interview, you will find a range of 24 downloadable files to prepare you properly (or refresh you) for your career.

You may order the Cabin Crew Advent Calendar here:

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