Cabin Crew Interview question:

The interpersonal transfer of knowledge is necessary for individual and group learning objectives. Learning from other Cabin Crew Candidates depends on your ability to integrate their own, mine and some others’ experiences. In order to do that successfully, you have to abstract from single experiences (that they themselves or others have had) and recognize those features that different situations have in common. This is Candidate’s experience that you will read below, I believe should be read and learned from.

I have opened my Instagram inbox and as usual, it was packed with messages. As I was answering them one by one, I saw her message. Few written lines and more voice messages. I sat down comfortably in my chair, to be able to focus, concentrate and hear all the details. She shared that she did not pass the assessment day and most importantly, SHE KNEW WHY !

She said that at the begging of her assessment day, everything was excellent. Until that moment, when she met the recruiters and the question she pulled out was: If you are buying a phone, which one will you choose, iPhone or Samsung? She was shocked and for the first few seconds she thought that this question is too personal and she should not be asked such inappropriate question. The second idea that came to her mind what that, maybe the recruitment team, wants to know her marketing skills, that’s why they had that question. And here is where she failed. All these sea of questions that you would be asking yourself, are making you confused and you simply can not answer in the right manner.

Here come in place all my talks and recommendations. Do watch my Youtube Video. Read my Instagram posts and read my blog posts over here. DO NOT MISS ANY OF THEM! I can not help you to become a Cabin Crew in 24h before your interview. But, certainly, my content is a way that if you dedicate your time to, can easily grab this job and enjoy the benefits.

The reason why this question exists in the sea of Cabin Crew questions, is not to discover what you prefer the most, nor to see you marketing skills. The closest question behind this question is something called: Using mobility to continue to do your work. How can you use an iPhone or the Samsung to stay connected to people, to your work, to your loved ones? Important aspects to be covered are using it with e-mail, using it to share information or using it as tool for collaboration. Each of these two phones has some unique ways that mobile technology is used on the Cabin Crew job. She, and you all, should aim to tailor your answer not on the specific phone you would choose, but how mobile technology is going to help you in your job. And those aspects can be: answering emails promptly, been contactable for your managers, staying connected to your family and using them as a way to stay knowledgable, well informed and up to date.

I have encouraged this candidate to obtain lessons learned from this assessment day and not to give up at any point. At Oxford University they say: “Failure is a part of learning. While the idea of failing can seem scary, it helps students/candidates to develop learning skills, boost their sense of determination, and build self-esteem. Failure is an opportunity to grow.”

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