All of us who professionally use the social media are the shapers of society. We can vulgerize that society. We can brutalize it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level

I choose the third part of this topic. I choose to work in a direction that can help lift our society onto a higher lever and I choose to do that world wide. This is part of my social responsibility as individual and a core value of my existence. Here is a small retrospective of my presence in the media in Germany, Macedonia and worldwide.

Interview for the Macedonian TV channel

Interview for the Macedonian daily newspaper

Interview for the city newspaper over here in Schwerin, Germany

Featured on the official Facebook account of Helios Kliniken Schwerin, Germany

Featured in a Macedonian daily newspaper when Qatar Airways added the Macedonian capital of Skopje to its network

 Featured on the official website of Qatar Airways when added the Macedonian capital of Skopje to its network–qatar-airways-inaugural-flight-tou.html
Featured on the official website of Qatar Airways when added the Mykonos, Greece to its network


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Cabin Crew interview BODY LANGUAGE

When we talk about interviews, irrespective it is a video or face to face interview, I have learned that is important that we understand that interviews ARE NOT ABOUT REALITY. They are about PERCEPTION. The interview itself it is a communication transfer where we display our personality in front of the recruiters but its the interviewers perception, registration and interpretation of the things that we have said and displayed when we use verbal non verbal cues. Its different with what we speak and how we answer. All our answers to all the questions are recorded and the team of HR experts are evaluating them. The decision if we will be hired as Cabin Crew is not made on the spot, we wait for it right?

In the non verbal communication and its impact during the face-to-face exchanges there are three core elements in having effective face-to-face communication of emotions or attitudes: Fist is the nonverbal behavior (facial expressions, for example), than comes the tone of voice, and last but not least is the literal meaning of the spoken word. 

These three essential elements, account for how we convey our liking, or disliking, of another person. The importance of such nonverbal ‘clues’ lies when they appear to conflict with the words used and/or the tone in which they are spoken.  So drawing on the combined findings Professor Albert Mehrabian formulated the 7-38-55% rule with the formula: 

7% of our communication is based on our words; 

38% is based on our tone of voice that we have;

55% is based on our body language.

So 93% of all that we do is not based only on what we are saying but a combination of all of all together.

I would like to highlight that we all should be aware that we are all DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER. I have seen some videos on Youtube where Cabin Crew consultants are actually showing to candidates how they should walk. I am very sure that they have not approached the subject of the body language from an academic point of view, cause if they did, they would know very well that those kind of “advice sharing” is not going to be applicable to everyone. 

In my Youtube video bellow, I talk about the four phases of the Cabin Crew interview and these are all occasions when the candidates will be displaying their body language. 

Before you ask me about the Video interview, I would like to say that the content of my Youtube video below is EQUALLY IMPORTANT AND APPLICABLE THERE. We should know that there is a camera, HR teams are observing us so we should not think that we should do something differently. 

The four phases that I talk about are: 1.when we greet somebody, the interviewers, the camera on the online video interview, cause when we start we should greet the viewer even if we do not see him/her at that time. Then comes the 2.second face when the interviewers, the computer in the online video interview is asking us questions. The 3.third phase is when we get an opportunity to ask question and the 4.forth phase is the phase when we leave from the interview. 

I would kindly invite you all to have a look at my YouTube video and share your comments bellow.

Regards, @excrewnextcrew by Julia George

What do Cabin Crew do in case of an In-flight engine fire?

UA 328 )Boeing 777-200)

An emergency can be described as any abnormal situation that may endanger the safety of the aircraft, its crew and passengers. This is exactly what happened to United Flight 328, Boeing 777-200 that was bound for Honolulu, however shortly after takeoff from Denver on Saturday (20.Feb.21) suffered an engine failure. The pilots operating the Aircraft managed to return to Denver and land safely. Reports say that there were 231 passengers and 10 crew members on board. All are thankfully safe and no injuries on board the flight have been reported. It is important to mention that the National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA are investigating this incident. Therefore this blog will not be elaborating the causes for the incident. I will elaborate the part that is concern for the Cabin Crew aspirants and that is: What do Cabin Crew do in scenarios like this?

Before we dive into our subject, it is of utmost importance to know that every emergency situation is unique. What do I mean by saying this? Simply, no instructions can cover all possible emergency situations nor it is possible to detail the precise steps to follow in each situation. However, important parameter is that most emergencies can be dealt with more easily when recognized at an early stage. In the aviation literature, we classify the emergencies into two categories: planned an unplanned. Planned emergency mainly arises during the cruise phase of the flight where the crew have enough time to brief the passengers and prepare the cabin for an emergency landing and possible evacuation. On the other hand, the unplanned emergency arises during take-off, approach and landing where the crew do not have time to brief the passengers and prepare the cabin. The unexpected incident deems it necessary to immediately land/stop the aircraft and also may require an evacuation. It is important to know that not all emergency situations lead to an evacuation of the aircraft. The one that happened to United 328, certainly lead to evacuation as it was an engine fire.

After reading this two definitions, it is not hard to guess that what actually happened to United 328 was actually a unplanned emergency cause it happened during climbing, at approximately 13 000 feet, the time when the Aircraft stopped climbing and the crew requested to return to Denver. Guided from my 10 years of experience and knowledge as Cabin Crew, in the Airline where I was working, we usually were released to start our in flight duties somewhere at 10 000 feet. If this was the case over here, the Cabin Crew must have been out from their seat, however if an instruction from the flight crew has not been given (usually the seat belt sigh is recycled), than they might be still on their seat. As discussed previously, a time to prepare the cabin for an emergency landing has not been sufficient, however since we have a situation that creates a lot of panic among the passengers, as we can see from the pictures, the cabin crew must have observed a lot of fear and panic among the passengers. It is absolutely understandable as that is a life threatening situation. I can not elaborate the procedure whether the Cabin Crew have entered the flight deck and got briefed by the Captain, but my experience says that there can not be time for that. The Flight Deck crew at those moments must have been dealing with the situation and could not give more information to the Cabin Crew. However, the Cabin Crew knew that it was an engine fire as that could have been seen. What also I can not elaborate is who saw the engine fire first. The Cabin Crew or the passengers. But what is very sure over here, whoever has saw it, has ensured that the Cabin Crew informed the Flight crew immediately.

In emergency scenarios, it is of utmost importance that the Cabin Crew are prepared to deal with any emergency situation that may occur during any phase of the flight. Cabin Crew must remain calm, organized and issue clear and concise instructions. A crew member’s attitude, good judgement, initiative and thorough knowledge of emergency procedures play a vital role in successfully handling emergencies.

If we take a look at the outcome from this scenario and the most important fact that all crew and passengers were safe, we can conclude that the Cabin Crew have ensured that procedures were stickily follows when securing the cabin before take-off as they were required to execute an evacuation shortly after take-off.

So what did the Cabin Crew do in this scenario? My understanding says that they ensured everyone is seated with their seat belts fastened, their tray table have been stowed, the overhead bins have been all closed, the exit rows were free of items, ABPs(Able Bodied Passengers) were seated accordingly. Lavatories have been empty and locked, aisles have been free and all window shades have been opened. Yet, this is just my understanding as I do not know if the Cabin Crew stood up from their seats and did they showed the brace positions to the passengers. I do not know did they had the time for that. I think not, yet the official report will tell us the right information. What is important to highlight is that prior to every flight, all the Airlines in the World conduct something called Safety Demonstration. And scenarios like this are unfortunately, a statement confirmation that we all should take a moment and remind ourselves that we need to alway pay attention to the same before we fly.

I hope that you have liked this blog. Do share all your questions in a comment bellow.

Yours sincerely, by Julia George


One of the most asked question I come across is what do we study in our Aviation Management Master program at Wildau Institute of Technology near Berlin, Germany. And before I dive deep into the subject or the answer to the question, I wanna elaborate and share few important points. As most of you know, I was a Cabin Crew for Qatar Airways for 10 years and ended my career there as Cabin Service Director. I am graduated criminologist in North Macedonia where back in 2008 I have graduated in the first generation of students there, with a score of 9,15 out of 10. However, my skills gained there, my passion, my emotional and cultural intelligence, secured me a place among the team of Cabin Crew in the Best Airline in the World.

In one of my Youtube videos I have elaborated WHY I LEFT Qatar Airways. In between is the great reason which was me, moving to Germany where me and my husband started our family over here. I landed in Dusseldorf on 24th of February, 2019. It was a beautiful and sunny weather. My husband waited for me and me 16 suitcases and welcomed me with beautiful flowers. There was a lot of excitement inside me, but I have to be honest with you, that there was also a lot of fear. I was jobless and no matter how much secure I should feel that my husband earns well, I was never brought up with behavior that I should rely on someone financially. That was the biggest fear inside me. My “end of service” with Qatar Airways was 20 000 euros and I invested those money building up a new house in North Macedonia. I had some amount of money for my financial stability and that kept me neutralizing the fear for some time, until I understand the point that my husband was always saying and that is US. There are no more my or yours money, it’ s our money. So everything fall on its place just perfectly.

We started building up our life. I started immediately learning German language and month after I found out that I am pregnant. Meanwhile, during my pregnancy I have opened my Youtube Channel and started sharing my knowledge and experience gained as Cabin Crew with Qatar Airways. The feedback was tremendous. Candidates were getting deleted as Cabin Crew ON THE SPOT by watching my Youtube videos and implementing each and every word I have shared in over there. But somehow that was not making me feel growing in the right direction. I sat down and started to develop options. I also listened to my audience that was and still is: HUNGRY FOR KNOWLEDGE! I said to myself that in order to create, share and express more content on the Cabin Crew subject, I need to know more. I need to broaden up my boarders and need to into the subject of WHERE THE CABIN CREW BELONGS TO? The answer to this question is simple. It belongs to the Aviation and by connection my managerial position as a Cabin Service Director, I came with the idea that Aviation Management is where I should enroll myself in AS SOON AS CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ALLOW.

During my research, I have looked up at the study programs of several universities and won’t go deep into that. However, what I would highlight over here is the study program of and it was all that I wanted. I opened their website, found the course enrollment and started preparing the documents. If you are interested, on the link above you have all the details, feel free to contact the University. I have enrolled myself in the Master Studies of Aviation Management in English and I have heard soon that a study program for Bachelorette in Aviation Management in English will be available as well.

So, WHAT IS AVIATION MANAGEMENT IN FIRST PLACE? Shortly saying, Aviation Management deals with the study of airlines, airports and business related to the aviation industry. As a Master student, I am pursuing this aviation management course with an aim to work at high-level positions with chance to combine my educational background as a criminologist, my work experience as cabin crew and perhaps work for the security of the airport and air traffic control towers. The aviation Management involves the activities of planning, designing, operating and maintaining aircrafts as well. The Aviation Management master program provides me with the education necessary to oversee the departments of airlines and airports. Here I can mention: ground handling, fleet management, ticketing, international tourism board, hospitality and in-flight services are included in aviation management.
The career in aviation management is one great deal for yourself as it brings stupendous growth and countless opportunities ALL OVER THE WORLD. Traveling across the world and getting paid for can undoubtedly be the most satisfying job. And I have experienced that.

I can endlessly write how happy and satisfied I am with the master studies at Wildau Institute of Technology near Berlin, Germany. But I think that the best judge for this would be YOU! If you are reading this blog, and once you are done with it, jump to my Youtube Channel and have a look at some of my very first videos and check out the last one. You will see a huge difference in my understanding and sharing the topics.

Last but not least, during these hard times for the Aviation Industry and the very long recovery time, I do believe that the best thing that we can do for ourselves is gain a degree that will later on help us in our career development. And if just like me, you can not imagine any other field, expert Aviation, then go for Aviation Management course irrespective of which form that would be. Bachelorette or Master studies, irrespective in which country you will decide to do that, I am very sure that a convenient deal can be found, You just have to keep researching, just the way I did it. THE WORLD IS A FIELD OF ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES….JUST DARE AND YOU ARE THERE!

Thank you so much for reading my blog and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to drop a comment bellow this blog. My Youtube Channel and my Instagram account are platforms where you are always welcomed to visit, follow, subscribe and share your support in sharing my platforms on your social media. No credit card payments required at all. Just kidding of course. My assistance to all the Cabin Crew aspirants is completely free of charge and if you think that I deserve to be supported in the form of sharing my social media platform, that would be the best payment to me.

Here is, according to me, the most pragmatical demonstration of HOW AVIATION MANAGEMENT LOOKS LIKE.

A Youtube video published on the official Youtube Channel of Wildau Institute of Technology where you can see how the unique Aviation Management Master program can provide you with all skills and qualifications that are necessary to boost your international career in different fields of the aviation.


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 I would like to start this topic with a question to make you trigger your mind: What kind of learner you are? Do you need to first read a lot before you practice something, do you need to see something one time and you already are confident in trying? Do you need a lot of practice before you say that you are able to do something? How long it took for you to specialize in something? And in that SOMETHING I have asked you, have you thought about yourself and found WHO ARE YOU in first place? What are your goals and perceptions, what makes you go to bed happy every night, what annoy you and WHAT DO YOU WANNA BECOME? Have you established goals in your life, are they short term, long term, where do you see yourself, WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF? What are you values, how your behavior affects others? 

I am sorry, ladies and gentlemen, I have asked a lot of questions but had to point the focus on a point that’s more important than anything we talk and that point is YOU. We often related ourselves to others and that is completely fine. I also do that but what I do the most is I explore the developmental background of people I admire, relate to or simply wanna know about. 

In the following video I have given few examples to help you discover and bring the right decision on what you should study in order to become a cabin crew.

Also I have spoken about the MOST IMPORTANT SKILL that aspiring Cabin Crew should posses. All in this video will be a Turing point for you, I am very sure in that. Last but not least, share your feadback with me and all your comments!

Enjoy this video

Sincerely yours, @excrewnextcrew by Julia George

Sriwijaya Air Crash – A Road towards Safety

For many of us, Aviation is PASSION. We tend to identify ourselves with all those amazing quotes out there that represent something called “An endless love” for this “not an everyday job’, but a lifestyle. 

2021 started just the way non of us wanted. Only 9 days into this year, Aviation wrote another chapter into its existence using blood as ink. A Sriwijaya Air jetliner carrying 62 people on board crashed shortly after taking off from Jakarta. 

Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 from Jakarta to Pontianak, in Indonesian Borneo, lost contact at 2:40 p.m. Western Indonesian Time (2:40 a.m. ET) on Saturday.

These kind of events are something that touches all of us and we don’t have to be an Aviation employee to feel the pain of flight that took off and never landed. 

I will not discuss what went wrong on the flight, who to blame and what will be the new safety procedures that would be an outcome of the same, but rather I would like to talk about something like raising up the awareness to all that want to be part of the Aviation and perhaps are already in. There are couple of segments that I wanna highlighted and I truly hope that this blog will be a great reminder and a learning experience for those that are reading it. So here is my wrap-up list of recommendations: 

  1. Please start understanding the priorities right. I know that you are rushing to fulfill those gaps that you might have them in your CV until your dream Airline starts recruiting again, but please understand that safety is not the top priority goal for all the individuals or organizations. It is a crucial requirement that contains hard thinking, serious money and daily effort to accomplish. And not everyone is trying to work and come with the “safety first” doctrine. Therefore, please prioritize what you will be choosing and be aware that every decision you are going to make carries a certain amount of risk. 
  2. Whatever you will be choosing or irrespective which airline you will choose fo work for, make sure that you are aware of all the hazards you may encounter. Evaluate them according to their probability and the impact that they can have. If you know that some Airline has “a not so good” safety record, don’t be desperate to fly for them. Concentrate on the hight probability/high impact risk and bring your decision. 
  3. Definelty, there is a lot to learn from mistakes that have happened in the past. Study the Airline/the Region history where you wanna work when it comes to Aviation and make sure you understand what really happened when something went wrong. Do focus on looking forward to the conclusions for the future and what kind of progress they have made. 
  4. You will be conducting e research so collect yourself a data and establish facts. Build yourself up a statistics of accidents and near-accidents with all the data, causes and consequences. This will be an asset to your decision making process and certainly a great learning experience that you never know when will be useful for further analysis and scissions. 
  5. Aviation is a field where tons of management is practiced. Get yourself familiarized with the safety management and the quality management. You will learn loads of systematic ways to structure obvious problems and you will get ideas how to solve them accordingly. This is how you will be able to present yourself as an outstanding candidate when chances arises. 
  6. Most probably you are following quite some number of Cabin Crew consultants like me, but try to make a list of them that are there to train you cause they possess enough knowledge and experience and others that are just great entertainers talking about “Airplane Lavatories” and “smelly cabin shoes”. Do not hesitate to extend some money here and any amount you spent in education, training or coaching is a very profitable investment. 
  7. Here comes one of my favorite. I used this in my last speech on my last flight and I have said to my Cabin Crew: Aim for excellence. However, when it comes to safety, knowing everything about the same, you will never be rewarded at your open day, assessment day or final interview for knowing everything about safety cause we all know that accidents are equally caused by bad luck and lack of effort. You will be looked as knowledgable and a proactive candidate that should demonstrate all the other skills as well. 
  8. Always bare in mind that you want to work in a something called “a safety sensitive sector” and despite the many things that we hear, read, collect at data are to worry us, we have to be able to absorb the bad news remaining with a positive mind-set. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear current Cabin Crew, dear laid-off Cabin Crew and dear Cabin Crew aspirants, 

Every day, millions and millions of passengers have put their trust within all the Airlines in the world out there to take them to their destination – and not to their destiny. And they all have good reason for their confidence. Anyone that is boarding a high-speed train, living next to a nuclear power plant or perhaps entering the hospital for a surgery  should hope that the principles of safety management have been understood and the same are implemented just as they are in Aviation.


Ladies and Gentlemen ,

in COVID-19’s competitive job market, there’s no room for mistakes at any point in your job search  especially when it comes to your CV. Instead of struggling to grasp all the rules and expectations of CV writing when the stakes are this high, you can stay engaged with me and make an outstanding CV.

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Most of you know, but for those that are meeting me for the first time, a very warm welcome on board. My name is Julia George, I used to be a Cabin Crew and flew for Qatar Airways for 10 years where I have resigned from my last work position as Cabin Service director. I am studying Master studies in Aviation Management and what really contributes to this subject is that between the subjects that we study, we have the Job Application subject where we have learned the very same thing I am gonna share with you over here and that is: HOW TO MAKE THE BEST CV THAT WILL SECURE YOU A JOB IN THE AVIATION FIELD AND BEYOND!

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