Get To Know Me

A Very Warm Welcome On Board

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Julia George and I am EX Cabin Crew of Qatar Airways. Being a Criminologist by profession, I am someone that is taught how to analyze data and observe behavior. My dedication to my work and mainly my discipline, made me progress in my career stable and fast.

A year after I joined the Cabin Crew Team, I became Brand Ambassador for Qatar Airways, and until the last day of my flying career, I was the front face for many promotional activities, opening of new destinations, and photo shootings. In my leadership role, I was conducting the In-Flight assessments of both the Cabin Crew in Economy and Business Class, in the categories that are the parameters of what the future Cabin Crew should possess in terms of knowledge, personality and performance.

After leaving the Cabin Crew profession, I have enrolled myself in Master Studies in Aviation Management at Wildau Institute of Applied Science near Berlin. With the Aviation management studies, I am engaged in a process where I establish a broad understanding of the sector and the strategies used within it. I have enhanced my technical knowledge and my skills with an aim to succeed in my future aviation career and be advanced towards the aviation management role, or in a similar leadership position. Meanwhile, in order to straighten and be up to date with my German Language speaking skills and all the other skills, I work as SnoreLab assistance and Helios Kliniken Schwerin.

Following my advice and spending hours on my YouTube channel to watch those long videos, has secured the job at 40 000 feet for loads of candidates. I have been mentoring potential, new  and senior Cabin Crew/Flight Attendants for the last one year, providing personal guidance and feedback to hundreds of them as well as enabling all to reach their goals and make their dreams come true.

Being Cabin Crew Consultant is something I am very passionate about as I remember when I started out in 2009, looking for my first Cabin Crew job and remembering how challenging it was! With an endless desire and motivation as well as guided by my social responsibility as human,I want to put something back into my community and mentor people that are starting their cabin crew journey or hoping to move into the aviation industry. I am very proud that I have helped so many people to achieve their dreams and long may it continue! 

How I Can Help You..

For information about starting your new Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant journey please take a look at my Youtube Channel where I have created 90+ videos that I am very sure, will help you secure a job at 40 000ft. 

Do stay in touch with me on social media fields where I am interactive, especially Instagram, as well as my Youtube Channel where you will find literally all from A-Z on how to become a Cabin Crew.

Live Sessions on Instagram every day,

10:00am CET/13:30pm IST

Yours sincerely,
excrewnextcrew by Julia George