THE MOST IMPORTANT Cabin Crew CV guidelines for 100% SELECTION

When it comes to applying for the Cabin Crew job, your CV could be just the ticket to get you that initial foot in the door and secure an interview – but how do you ensure that your CV is added to the interview pile rather than being completely ignored and rejected?

Putting together a successful CV is easy once you know how. It is of utmost importance to know that you should COMBINE all your skills and experience and tailor them to the Cabin Crew job that you’re applying for. But what happens if you don’t meet the right criteria? Well, I do believe that this blog post contains crucial tips to help you in creating a successful CV and securing your first (or next) job as a Cabin Crew.

When writing your descriptions of your tasks and responsibilities, its is absolutely IMPORTANT that you use something called: POWER VERBS. Here are some examples of action/power words that you could use and before I share them, please have in mind that you should use words which match the job description for which you are applying – so write the according to the job description.

The following words belong to the POWER VERBS category: Achieved, Analyzed, Assessed,Administered, Arranged, Advised, Budgeted, Co-ordinated, Calculated, Completed, Created, Controlled, Conducted, Designed, Developed, Discovered, Distributed, Increased, Instructed, Explained, Examined,Evaluated, Managed, Monitored, Organized, Promoted, Recommended, Responsible for, Researched, Represented, Reformed, Resulted, Planned, Selected, Sold, Solved, Supervised, Taught, Tested, Trained, Welcomed,

To share you the reason why I suggest the above mentioned, here is one example: Please have a look at the difference between the two sentences:

  1. “I was in charge of a sales team that hit all its targets”;

2. “Directed and trained as part of sales team that surpassed their targets”.

In the second sentence you are able to observe and see much stronger description that gives a more immediate picture of the tasks. Start the descriptions of your past experience like this for impact and strength. And do not forget that while doing that, you should always have in mind the applicant tracking system. Here is a detailed video on the same:

Let’ talk about something that I don’t think anyone has shared it with you before and that is the NUMBERS IN YOU CV. Using numbers in parts of your CV is necessary, but there are very important differences in numbers that you should be aware of.

I would first like to mention the DATES. Please be aware that dates are written differently in many countries. While most of the world will understand 04.03.2021 as the 4th of March, in the US this is the 3rd of April. It is best to use the word for the month to avoid confusion. In the list of past jobs and responsibilities in your CV it is possible to abbreviate the months, for example,
1 Jan 2019-12 Dec 2020, Sales Assistant: Supported sales manager at Company XYZ

When it comes to showing/emphasizing your success, you may certainly use numbers in your task descriptions to emphasize your skills and your success. For example: * Directed and trained as part of sales team that surpassed targets by 150%. What I would like to highlight is that you are aware that there is a difference between numbers in English and other countries for instance. To avoid confusion make sure you use the English version of numbers to show your success. Commas and decimal points are used differently in each language. For example, In German, 1,000 + 2.000= 2.001 (two thousand and one) and in English, 1,000+ 2.000= 1,002 (one thousand and two). So please make sure that you use English numbers to avoid confusion and to provide the correct information.

Please AVOID PRONOUNS. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. For example, I, me, he, she, herself, you, it, that, they, each, few, many, who, whoever, whose, someone, everybody, etc. In the following example:

  1. “Directed and trained a sales team that surpassed their targets by 150%”;

would become,

2. “Directed and trained a sales team that surpassed targets by 150%”.
This can be difficult for second language speakers like me for instance, as this form of writing is not very common, but it is a style of writing which is more direct and certainly creates MORE IMPACT!

I would like to advice that you USE THE CORRECT FORM OF THE PAST TENSE. As you can see in the above examples, past tense verbs are used to start the task/ experience descriptions. Make sure you use the correct form of the verb and check if it is regular or irregular before you start writing. If you are still doing the job, it is possible to use the present tense.

Last but not least, PLEASE REVISE AND EDIT your CV. Handing a CV full of mistakes is not a way to get any job, so reread your CV as many times and if possible. There are two playlists on my Youtube Channel that are decimated to the CV PREPARATION and they have helped thousands of candidates to secure the job at 40 000 feet:


Thank you very much for reading this blog post.

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Are you excited to meet your chance to travel the world? I know you are and let me tell you something: You aren’t alone! There are thousands and thousands of candidates just like you. However, what I want you to know is that you need an advantage to be hired.

Working as a Cabin Crew is a great opportunities to travel the world for free, and in overnight cases, get free hotel and meals.  But is’ SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! You will be able to build long-lasting relationships and develop valuable customer service and life-saving skills. In this blog post I will help you learn what you’ll need to do to start your Cabin Crew career.

Yes, Training Matters!  Every day, the recruitment officers have a chance to choose between those who are trained and those who are not.  Just take a guess who gets the interview?

My Social Media Learning Platforms for Cabin Crew provides many advantages to landing your dream job and getting hired in the very high competitive environment that we are right now.  Airlines are slowly starting the recruiting for many departments and this is great opportunity to actually prepare and get some insight. Here is a simple format that I suggest and have most of it elaborated on my Youtube Channel:

  1. Learn the requirements :

2. Assess your SKILLS:

3. When you have NO EXPERIENCE/ You are FRESHER:

4. Research for jobs:

Over here I suggest that you use all job search resources and research companies. Schedule yourself informational interviews and network regularly. This will allow you to straighten your confidence and apply with ought hesitation.

We come to an important point over here and that is your experience and the training fees. If you don’t have any prior experience, then some trainings can help you get a foot in the door. Cabin Crew do so much more than just serving food and beverage. A lot can happen in the air and you want to be prepared to deal with anything that may come up. It’s very good if you learn the flight regulations, job responsibilities and different airline standards. Cabin Crew are trained to handle emergencies and keep passengers safe. Aim to learn and develop skills in first aid, security, evacuation methods, and aircraft safety procedures. This is why I have prepared the following Youtube video:

Having training or experience with a flight attendant training school gives you a serious advantage over your competition and shows airlines that you’re committed to your career path.

Cabin Crew jobs are one of the highest demand jobs a person can apply to. There are hundreds of bits of information and steps in the hiring process, therefore, it is best to have some idea about what are the Cabin Crew trained during their flying career so the same can be your guide that will help you successfully gain knowledge and get through the hiring process to land your dream job.

Thinking about doing it on your own? YOU ARE SMART! YOU CAN DO IT! I am here to help you!

  • Airlines will not take long time to start the hiring process, and we have seen that low cost careers have already started;
  • Intense Competition. I have estimated that recruitments will be harder and more selective, therefore the KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCEED;
  • Get Hired with ME! My Social Media Platforms provide you Cabin Crew Aviation Knowledge;
  • On my Instagram account you may see how candidates are able to make it :

Last but not least,

do apply for jobs you are interested in even if you only meet some of their requirements, please. Depending on the position, employers might hire motivated candidates that learn quickly and provide them with skills training on the job. If you meet a portion of the Cabin Crew qualifications or any other job’s qualifications, but believe you can still succeed in that role, please do apply. Do have in mind to include examples of your work ethic and ability to learn new skills in your CV. Emphasize how your goals align with those of the company you are applying for.

Wishing you all very best of luck. Share all your questions with me in a comment below or Email me on

How Covid-19 will change the Cabin Crew recruitment process

The world is still facing uncertainty in all industries, icluding the Aviation. Recruting is no exeption in this. How has this global health crisis changed the Cabin Crew recrutment process, and how will the talent acquisition recover when this is all over? 

Tooday’s , more than ever, we live in something called “ an online world”. One very important fact that I wanna mention is that for us as humans, isn’t feasible anymore to process all the hundreds and sometimes thousands of CVs in response to diffrent job applications. This is why softwares are now doing it instead. This is the Applicant Tracking System that I have elaborated in one of my Youtube videos. In order to know how your CV is shortlisted and how to meet the criterias, do have a look on the following video: 

Indeed, thanks to Covid-19, there are even more digital changes ahead. 

The nature of the work of the recrutment teams has been reshaped in front of their eyes. We are all whitnessing that the Airlines, mainly low cost once, that they streamline the recruitment process in order to make more efficient hires through data-driven processes and solutions. With this transformation, many airlines have presented themselves as agile organisations that are ready to adapt to the rapid evolution of technology.

Covid-19 has accelerated the digitisation of all the aviation workforces, driven primarily by the need to adopt different strategies. 

The Zoom and Microsoft Teams have replaced the open days that the candidates used to attend. And so few stages after that.
I have well elaborated this topic in my Youtube video called: “HOW COVID-19 WILL CHANGE THE CABIN CREW RECRUITMENT ?” Here is the video: 

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is of utmost importance that you develop and straighten your  ability to embrace and effectively manage the challenges that are thrown at you. If you focus on the four components that I embrace HEALTH, HAPPINESS, KNOWLEDGE AND STRAIGHT, I don’t see any reason why you should not only secure a job at 40 000 feet but also become remarkably more knowledgable and stronger.

Please be ready to be enrolled in the new normal standard called: THE VIRTUAL RECRUITING!

Many are hesitant when it comes to video interviews. My sincere suggestion is that you are as professional as in a normal interview. It is of utmost importance that you are prepared with the Cabin Crew job requirements, and all that it takes to become Cabin Crew. Remember to have in mind the time zone when your video interview is sheduled as there might be a difference. Be prepared for the video interview and pay attention to your grooming, choose the place where you will be sitting and mostly do eliminate distractions from your surroundings. I have also prepared a video in chi I have shared which POST COVID-19 INTERVIEW QUESTIONS you might encounter. here is the video:

Thank you for being valuable reader to this blog post. Should you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to share them in a comment bellow.



“Soft on the people and hard on the problem”

If you come across someone that worked for Qatar Airways for quite some time, (we usually called seniors “fossils”, and of course not in a negative sense of the word, but as a synonym of long flying career and experience ), they will very easily recognize the lady in this photo.

Samina left Qatar Airways holding the title “MOST LOVED AND LIKED GROOMING OFFICER”! I had the pleasure to interact and work with her a lot of times and taught me very important lessons. She taught me how to be positive to others, nice, and how to build an honest and productive work culture.
With all the flying hours I have spent in the air, having such experience and knowledge from her has helped me to adapt easily and contribute towards making our work environment a place where people treat each other in a nice, respectful way while being constructive and supportive. This has made my flying experience with Qatar Airways a place that I enjoyed working at.
Let me share my subjective experience and take you on one journey back in time.
I was flying for nearly 9 months when I went for my first long vacation back home. In 2010 Qatar Airways was not flying to Macedonia 🇲🇰 yet (my home country), and also the regulations for leaving Qatar as your base were different. We were entitled to do that once our probation period of six months was over. Of course, all urgent matters were a different story, nevertheless, my vacation as pre-planned was nine months after joining Qatar Airways. And the story is the very same as many crew. I have not been home for a while and my mom cooked an 11-course meal per day 😁, so I GAINED WEIGHT 😃.
When I came back, my uniform was indeed tight. Somewhere down the line, I was hoping that on my first flight after my leave I can get away with that, but my responsible personality made me go earlier to the operation center before my Paris flight and report this to the Grooming officer. And the Grooming officer on duty was the lady in this photo. After our discussion, we both agreed that I can not operate the flight, so I WAS OFFLOADED.
To make the long story short, that issue has not affected any of my future career promotions. In one year and seven months, I was promoted to Cabin Crew in the Premium Cabin. There is something important that I have learned from that scenario:
It’s of utmost importance to do our job according to the standard operating procedures, but at the same time it is also  important to be nice.” 
Even on that occasion, she continued being kind, compassionate, inclusive as well as straight-up, and just so good to me and what was the matter.

Strengthening my negotiation skills as a leader, as part of my Master’s literature, I read Fisher and Ury, Getting to Yes. And I came to the point where now I completely understood her style. Fisher and Ury say: “be soft on the person and hard on the problem”  and Samira was doing the very same thing at that moment. She was doing her job but was nice to me and that didn’t bother me at all. I firmly believe that you don’t have to be aggressive or nasty to get what you want at work, and in this case, it was to make me accept the reality and understand that there is no other solution available. Yet, there are people, and I am very sad to share, that even today, they act inappropriately while doing their job.
Ladies and Gentlemen, being nice is one of the most important skills in our careers and is a critical factor in all our successes.

Do you need Customer Service Experience to become Cabin Crew?

Serving my mother on a flight from Athens to Doha

Airlines are looking for an energetic, enthusiastic, and ambitious candidates for the role of Cabin Crew. It’s clearly written in the non negotiable rules and regulation, especially of the Middle Easter Airlines that candidates should be individuals with outgoing personality, great interpersonal skills, individuals with ability to inspire the Airlines customers through innovative hospitality, individuals with passion for caring for others, people that have excellent personal presentation, style and image, people with potential that promises practicing excellent customer services which will leads to Airlines customer satisfaction.

Some of the customer services skills that can help the candidates includes: speaking clearly, listening attentively, and interacting comfortably with the recruiters as well as the other candidates on your assessment day.

If we think and evaluate for a moment the job of a Cabin Crew, having passion about the same is simply not enough. For instance, I have a passion to be a doctor, however I need a degree for that. In this case, you do not need a degree for Cabin Crew, but in order to secure a job at 40 000 feet, your degree are your SKILLS and that certainly does not represent only the passion, the willingness and the love. One important aspect of the job is your concern,the CUSTOMER SERVICE. It plays a large role in the career you pursue. It’s required in almost every part of the job, as you will be constantly dealing with passengers/customers. It will also be something that recruiters look for when recruiting new Cabin Crew members, so you need to be prepared to demonstrate how you can provide the airline with first-rate customer service. 


You all know very well that during an interview you will be asked to demonstrate your customer service skills. This is the core reason why the recruiters are asking you the Cabin Crew interview questions. And what if you can’t think of any times when you’ve provided excellent customer service? What if you can’t think back to any events at school or college, past jobs or even voluntary activity where you’ve had to go that extra mile to help someone out. What if you can’t share good examples of excellent customer service in times when you were customer? What if you have no idea what customer service is?

Then there is a problem and most probably you won’t be successful. This is why most of the candidates fail. They don’t fail for a small scar over the eyebrow area, I promise you that! 

So, why do airlines look for candidates who can provide them with this standard of customer service? Ultimately, the level of customer service that the passengers receive, will reflect how passengers view the airline. A good standard of customer service will promote a positive image of the airline, and encourage the passenger to use the airline again and recommend it to a friend. Another important aspect is your individual potential. The Airlines need bright candidates to be able to absorb huge amount of information in short period of time. The initial cabin crew training doesn’t last for 2 years. It’s only 2 months. There is a lot to be learned. No room for experimentation is left. 

As mentioned above, you have time to do something about this concern and I strongly suggest to you instead of googling how to become Cabin Crew without experience, you actually make yourself busy and start working in that customer service field. 

With doing that , you will certainly develop your skills as well as be able to improve the level of customer service you provide.

It is important that as Cabin Crew you create a good first impression of the airline you work for. This can be learned and in fact I do have a video on that. Here it is: 

When dealing with a customers you should always actively listen to what they are saying. This requires paying full attention to your customers, to your colleagues for example, and responding to them with any questions will help your understanding and clarify what the customers or your colleagues might need. 

As Cabin Crew, you will have to serve customers  throughout a flight, for example during the meal service or when assisting your senior with selling duty-free. To help improve your selling technique, it is very useful to be familiar with the products you have on offer. This way if a customer has any questions you can explain what are the products available for selling, and if applicable how they may benefit the customer. This may definitely help you to build up the in-flight sales on board and generate more income for the airline. Think about it. Would you be more likely to buy the perfume from the person who isn’t really sure what it smells like, or the crew member who can confidently describe it to you, saying whether they think you would like it or not? I personally believe this is the future skill that all the airlines will be particular about.

Thank you very much for reading this blog post.

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Why there are Ground Sfuff recruitments and no Cabin Crew ones?

Let’ talk about recruitment from a REAL KNOWLEDGE point of view.
Due to the high number of Cabin Crew, pilots, and aviation staff reporting sick during the initial months of the pandemic, changes on rosters and shift patterns made airlines and airports to work hard on adjusting those changes to ensure that the critical activities can continue in case of lack of staff. And for those of you wanting to know WHY THERE ARE RECRUITMENTS still going on in aviation, THIS IS ONE OF THEM.

There are two main reasons for this:
1) To have an alternative supplier who can take over the duties of the critical functions and
2) When it comes to Cabin Crew working on the ground, the aim is to reduce the number of required crew to skeleton mode. By mentioning the term “skeleton model” I mean the minimum number of crew/staff needed to operate and maintain the business and the organization.
There are other reasons for the recruitments, of course, however, they are in place to help the Aviation Industry to be able to establish one or more alternative resources to help it manage until it recovers the lost assets and services.

It is of utmost importance to know that the reduced number of operations has allowed airports and airlines to operate on skeleton mode. In the case of one, the staff from the skeleton has been found positive the other staff from the skeleton who has been in contact with the affected staff should be replaced by a standby team member. Most importantly, that team member should be available. You can’t recrut them on the spot. With the foreseen number of infected staff, it is important to know that during this period, leave is not granted to critical staff. Ladies and gentelman, please please bare in mind that the situation is so dynamic that it is not possible to predict who and when a person will be needed to cover the position of a staff who has been tested positive or identified as a close contact of an identified positive case.

In general, and to ensure that virus widespread is reduced, it is observed that the aviation industry creates teams of personnel who work during the pandemic period with the same days, timings, and locations. With this, in the case that one staff is tested positive, close contact staff are easy to be identified. Managing shift patterns while balancing workload and safety and security of the airlines and airports employee is paramount to the employers who also have to consider health and safety practices as well as fatigue and risk.

While the Aviation Industry is in a survival or skeleton mode, our mindset should be ready for travel to come back.

Another important issue is related to the training. With the reduced number of operations and the current situation of staff working at different departments, such as many Cabin Crew working on the ground, there is a high number of personnel who has not undertaken their daily tasks for months cause they do something else at the moment.
Yet, the manpower planning system suggests having a certain number of aviation personnel to ensure once the return to operations is required, the personnel will be ready and will be easily updated with any new procedures implemented to ensure a smooth return to operations.

More about the MANPOWER PLANING SYSTEM and how the recruiters know how many Cabin Crew they should recruit, check out this video :

Thank you for being valid reader to this blog post. Do share all your comments bellow.

The BEST SKILLS to HIGHLIGHT in your Cabin Crew Application Process

The Covid crisis has given to all of us quite some time to think about our skills and how we can ensure that we get accepted in the role of Cabin Crew. With an aim to guide you the best way my knowledge and experience dictate, I have sat down and analyzed the Cabin Crew job description and revealed to you WHAT PERSONAL QUALITIES AND SKILLS you can gain and develop so you will be that OUTSTANDING candidate that I strive for.

This summary of the skills I have decided to divide into three categories in order to make your learning process easier to understand. Bellow are the three videos. My sincere suggestion is that you open a word document as you start watching, and start writing. You will see that many of those skills you already have and it will be easier to write them in your CV, under the KEY SKILLS category.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to share it in a comment.

Last but not least, I do expect that people will share comments such “WE DO NOT NEED TO KNOW/LEARN THIS”. My answer to such comment would be: “The moment you decide to put boundaries of the Safety&Security, First Aid and the Customers Service Skills of the Cabin Crew and you are stopping yourself to learn what the Teams do on board the Aircraft, that’s the time when you have started sabotaging yourself from the success”.

Good luck everyone!

How to deal with customer complaints on board?

Deal Ladies & Gentleman,

I have decided that this #instaquestion is the best to be answered and elaborated over here, so I don’t have to hesitate on the length of the text. I would also like to thank to Mr. Shubam who has raised up this question, giving to all of us an opportunity to be engaged in such valuable subject.

Before we dive into one important aspect of the Cabin Crew job, and those are the famous “Customer Complaints”, it is of utmost importance to observe and get familiarised with the latest analysis of customer reviews and what are the top airline customer complaints across the world.
A small digression to what I have written above. This statistics is unique to every Airline and once you join the team of their Cabin Crew, the Customer Service Department along with the Training Department will ensure that you are well informed and updated on the latest trends in customer complaints. In fact, this is how the In-Flight service gets to be changed, updated and implemented. So my sincere suggestion would be: TAKE THE CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS WITH OPEN HANDS! Your mind set and your attitude should be navigated that this challenge is something that you can handle and you have the power to turn any bad situation or experience of your customer into an ultimate goal where he/she will still think that the Airline that you represent is still great.
Here are some aspects to be considered:

📌Always listen to your customers complaints very carefully
Listen carefully to your customers that has something to tell you and let them finish what they have to say. Don’t get defensive. The customer is not attacking you. They have a problem and they are really upset about it. They want to know if the company truly cares for them or not. So repeat back what you are hearing to show that you have listened.

📌Respond by showing empathy
And here comes in place you EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE that I talk a lot on my Social Media platforms. Put yourself in their shoes. Your goal is to solve the problem, not argue with them. The customer needs to feel like you are on their side and that you empathize with the situation.

📌Be caring & concern
Ask questions in a caring and concerned manner before jumping to conclusions. The more information you can get from the customer, the better you will understand their perspective. This aspect is very important and it’s one of the most seriously considered parameter during your recruitment process.

📌Simply apologize
When a customer senses that you are sincerely sorry, it usually diffuses the situation. Don’t blame another person or other department. Just say that you are truly sorry and that you’re trying to fix the situation.

📌Try to solve the problem and do not run away
Provide the customers with an acceptable solution quickly. Do not forget that you have your entire set of Cabin Crew with you and you have an opportunity to show that you utilize all you resources effectively. Ask your customers what will make the situation better for them. Insome cases they have reasonable demands and so you will get an opportunity to solve that complaint.

Please remember that when complaints are moved up the chain of command, they become more expensive to handle and only add to the customer’s frustration. If you wanna progress in your career, be that OUTSTANDING Cabin Crew that will not handover all the complaints to you seniors, but rather will work on them, of course keeping the seniors informed. The ownership of a problem is important aspect. Equip yourself with knowledge and BE BRAVE. You can handle effectively evry customer complaint.

📌Do not run away from companies, but go to them openly. You would encounter Cabin Crew walking in the cabin with their head down, trying to avoid requests, comments, complaints. I was never one of them. And I think big part of my career progress was thanx to the my brave approach to listen to my customers and help them as much as I can and as much as circumstances allow. You must never forget that you are in an Airplane. One customer complain can be because you customer wants candles on his birthday cake, bit that is something strictly forbidden due to safety reasons. When a customer complaint is related to a safety issue, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! When a complaint is something that simply is not there on board, YOU ALSO HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! In all those circumstances, your supervisor will simply write a voyage report and that’s it. But what matters in this case and what you should always be concerned is you ATTITUDE, YOUR BODY LANGUAGE, YOUR GROOMING AND YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

Last but not least, the customer complaints can raise up into more serious issues such as conflicts and I have well elaborated in the Youtube video called : HOW TO RESOLVE CONFLICTS PEACEFULLY ON BOARD THE AIRCRAFT.

Have you had experienced a customer complaint? Have you been customer complaining? Share your thoughts in a comment bellow. Thank you very much for being valuable reader and will be seeing you soon. Stay HEALTHY, HAPPY, KNOWLEDGEABLE AND STRONG!


In some of the LIVE sessions on my Instagram account I spoke about the example which I’ve named as “YOUR JAPANESE COFFEE SHOP”. And now I consider that it’s the perfect time to put that story in this blog post and ensure that it will serve many out there that you will read it. I dedicate this story to all the CABIN CREW CANDIDATES that got their date of joining and their application processes being CANCELED.

The story goes like this:

As you are reading, I would kindly ask you not to hesitate to imagine and visualize the story as it will have a great impact on they way how you will be seeing things after you read this story. Imagine that you are in the beautiful land of Japan. You are a foreigner and have graduated there in the field of customer service. You have fall in love with the Japanese culture so much and you wanted to live and work there. As a coffee lover, you have decided to open your own Coffee Shop. The business clime was just amazing. You had a convenient bank loan to support you start you business and all was set. At the beginning you were the one who was making the coffee in order to do your own research on what your customers wants and in that process you were able to set your own unique standard. Your business was blooming.

You soon were able to pay your loan and as loan free now it was just the time to broaden up you business. So you have opened two more coffee shops in Tokyo and employed approximately 20 people. You were no longer the coffee maker only, but the General Manager. Everything was just perfect. You coffee started to be widely known of its quality so you decided to brand it. Now things were on another level.

As a product owner, you were in a position where you have faced a high demand on the market because of your good work, the great customer service of you staff and the high standard quality of you product, and you received a project offer. The project offer was very reasonable thing to happen after such success and with everything seem to be so perfect, you went on for expansion. Your coffee shops were suppose to be opened in 3 other cities in Japan and it was total of 10 coffee shops that needed the excellent customer service as the one you had in Tokyo.

So you have made the staff recruitment according to the standards for that and soon you had 120 new staff ready to start working. It was December 2019 and it was great preparation time for your expansion. All of a sudden in January, 2020 something unexpected happened and a new virus was detected in China. At this time you were not so worried, but few weeks after the first Government restrictions were imposed worldwide, some of your stuff could not join and they were not from Japan. Everything started to just slow down. It slow down to a point where you had to postpone the new project completely. Your three coffees shops in Tokyo were also working with lower intensity. One of the coffee shops was almost without customers. You had to close it and unfortunately you had to cut on your current staff and lai off some. Your heart was breaking, but simply, without making enough revenue you can not afford paying salaries.

You had lot of questions in your mind: Why this has happened, when this will be over, how long this will be lasting!? People were dying all over the world. Government restrictions could not give answers to your questions. Sciences have told to all of us: PEOPLE, STAND BY PLEASE! This is a new virus and we know nothing about it. We need time to research. A year after they came up with a vaccine. You, just like the humanity itself, you have no answers to your questions. The sciences have said WE STILL NEED MORE TIME FOR RESEARCH! This is a virus made in laboratory and it’s very unpredictable. WE NEED MORE TIME FOR RESEARCH! The virus is constantly mutating and seems unstoppable.

So now there are some answers to your questions as Coffee shop and a product owner.

We might never find out why Covid-19 happened. How long it will last also is something we are still researching. And to the question similar to the previous, when it will be over, expecting a deadline, the answer would be: WHEN WE LEARN HOW TO LIVE WITH THE SAME!

The researches will continue and we will all be open to see the results. The societies where we live are also in a constant fight and almost all of us know someone that was the victim of the virus. Unless we think like an owner, we can never fully understand the inability to pay off the salary to staff that simply would not be working if you have them during a period of time where your business is stagnating.

However, this can not last forever. I see a bright future cause we have showed up many times in the past that we have ability to survive hard times as this one. Until then, it so important to create a module for ourselves that includes staying HEALTHY, HAPPY, KNOWLEDGABLE AND STRONG! Cause when everything is over, one important parameter to distinguish you from the other will be WHAT WERE DOING AND HOW MUCH YOU HAVE PROGRESSED!

Thank you very much for reading THE JAPANESE COFFEE SHOP story.

Your Julia

How to become Cabin Crew FREE OF CHARGE

Here is the answer that contains the format of the same. You need to do two things. First one is to follow the structure of the videos I will suggest you to watch and second is to implement and learn all I have shared in the same. I can assure you that YOU GONNA MAKE IT 100%. 

Let’s start!

In order to familiarise yourself with the job description and to get into the subject of the Cabin Crew role, I suggest that you start with the playlist of my Youtube Channel that is named as “Key skills for Cabin Crew”.

Becoming a cabin crew member can be very exciting and glamorous; after all, there are not so many career paths that allows you to travel and work at the same time.In order to be a successful Cabin Crew you need to have the skills, the personality and the look to fit the description. If you’re pursuing for Cabin Crew job, over here is my playlist of the qualities you must possess to set yourself apart from the competition. The list is subject to constant upgrade as I am creating new videos on the subject.

In the second period of your self study process, comes the playlist in which it is good for you to familiarize yourself with the Cabin Crew Requirements. I have name that list as “Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Requirements”, however it is not subject to limitations with the other airlines. All that I share there is very applicable within all the Middle East Airlines.

I receive loads of questions about the requirements of becoming cabin crew. I have decided to help you in answering your question with this detailed playlist. The list is subject to constant upgrade as per your request to me, to keep on creating videos on this subject.

The third part of the self learning process includes the Playlists that will help you prepare that OUTSTANDING CV that will be your visa to become noticed in the first phase of the selection process, usually that is the online application. And here, I extend recommendation that you are fully concentrated, that you have written down and noted everything that I have shared. There are two playlists that I will suggest. One is the the “CABIN CREW CV” playlist and the other is the “CABIN CREW FRESHERS” playlist. Both playlists are containing information that are equally applicable to the experienced and non experienced candidates.

Now comes the time when you should get into the Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers and get as much as you can insight on the same, in order to know how to prepare the best answers for the same.

In order to understand the Cabin Crew interview questions and know why the recruiters are asking you the same, I suggest that you go through the following three Insta Live sessions that I have made on my Instagram account I am true believer that understanding why we have been asked the Interview Questions during our OD/AD/FI we are going to formulate a precise and convincing answer in order to present ourselves as Cabin Crew Candidate that will be remembered.

The first 40 questions are in this video
The second video
The third video that frames the 120 Cabin Crew Interview questions

We come to a playlist that is equally important and perhaps now even more enhanced and it is related to the Cabin Crew Video Interview topic. The online video interview is an opportunity for the airline to get to know you better. As a strong candidate you should present yourself as someone who can think in advance and prepare answers. During the interview, the one feeling you should not get is surprised. You’re already here, have a look on this playlist. Get yourself familiarized with the questions that might come up and how to answer them.

We come to a part of the self learning process that required indeed getting an insight on where Aviation stands in these hard times and how Covid-19 has affected the Aviation Industry. This topic is part of the general knowledge and it will be deciding factor as during your interview process, the recruiters would wanna know what have you observed and how you have understood the same. Here is a playlist named “The Aviation and COVID-19”.

When you have been deep into the Cabin Crew topic, you have learned a lot about the specifics of the job and all that it takes to become part of the industry, lets dive into some knowledge and some experience that I love to called as PRAGMATISM. Therefore, here are two playlist that I believe represent the same. One is called “LEADERSHIP” and the other one “Cabin Crew & Supervisors Relationship”. Leadership is an important skill for a successful and productive Cabin Crew. This is equally important to you as a candidate for the Cabin Crew job role. The playlist of the “Cabin Crew & Supervisors Relationship” is cleated with strong motivation that will help future as well as current Cabin Crew to mainly establish pleasant and stress free career in any Airline they would choose.

I also wanna recommend the playlist of the MINI AVIATION MANAGEMENT COURSE FOR CABIN CREW. The job role of a Cabin Crew entails performing safety and service duties to ensure that customers/passengers are flying in a safe environment, whilst receiving excellent and high service standards. Life is always varied when you work as a cabin crew. Your training in communication, teamwork, first aid, personality development, and customer care skills will also be helpful and can also be transferred to other areas of the Aviation Industry. I have created this Playlist with a strong desire that with this Mini Aviation Management Course I would inspire many of you to enroll yourself in further education that is covered by such or similar moodle.

I would not summaries with lot of word, but rather with a photo. Candidates that have made it and have become part of Cabin Crew Teams WORLDWIDE have their self studying process looking like this photo:

My videos are quite long and it will take time to get into every playlist, that is why I have created this blog and gave a sequence in the same. You may start and do not exhaust yourself, but try to enjoy as you will be getting into the subjects. I have enjoyed my Cabin Crew job a lot and I hope that you will do the same.

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Yours sincerely, @excrewnextcrew by Julia George